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Continuity – an alien concept in Nollywood movies.

Nollywood refers to the Nigerian movie industry. America has Hollywood, India has Bollywood, and we have Nollywood. I used to love watching Nigerian movies in the early days when they were well scripted, and well acted. An example of one of … Continue reading

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Eau de char etc

I rediscovered an old scent on Saturday night as I attempted to burn down my kitchen. I’d actually started out boiling some rice, but I’d gotten so carried away by some fiction I was reading that I didn’t hear the … Continue reading

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Taking the plunge, posting every week in 2011.

I have decided to post at least once a week throughout 2011. I am determined not to let anything get in my way, not even laziness. That is the most usual impediment to my writing, I honestly can not blame … Continue reading

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Thinking aloud….

I wonder why I can use one of my Gmail accounts to make free calls to the US , and why I can’t get the same feature installed on my other account. On the same laptop. I wonder why all … Continue reading

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Ole. Thief. Barawo.

Here’s one I prepared earlier, early last year to be exact. I never got round to finishing it, till just now. Enjoy! I was talking to Toks earlier. She said she’d been up late last night, strolling through Blogsville. She … Continue reading

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Born to die

I lie in suspended animation, waiting for the call. I am in limbo, static, a sleeper, inactive. My life span is limited, I have always known that, yet this does not deter me from my desire, the burning wish to … Continue reading

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Wiggin’ it

Howling wind wakes Egirl up way too early. T is already up, in the study. I hear him tell her to go back to bed, but she bustles around, brushing her teeth. I get up earlier than usual and Etoddler … Continue reading

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