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Answer me this….

….does it make you feel better? This constant assertion that because he had never been to Nigeria, he is not Nigerian? ….does the colour of his passport lessen the heinousness of his murderous act? The cold-blooded hacking down of a … Continue reading

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‘Give me your belt’ – Tales from back home

We made it to the airport in good time. We the travellers that is. Our bags hadn’t arrived yet. Well, some of them had. The rest of them were in a second car. Five people travelling, 8 pieces of luggage, … Continue reading

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Popcorn and groundnut – Tales from back home

It was a long road trip from Lagos to Akure, and this time unlike our last trip two years earlier, I was determined to sample every culinary treat the roadside sellers had to offer. And so I began. Loads of … Continue reading

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Silent answers – Tales from back home

She: ‘I want to have a talk with you. I am glad you understand Yoruba very well, so you will understand what it is I am saying to you. I have noticed you are very lazy. Your husband does all … Continue reading

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