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back for good?

It’s been a minute. I left that comment a few minutes ago on Sting’s blog. To be specific, on a blog post about farts in an enclosed space. Not her farts, someone else’s. On a small airplane. You can read … Continue reading

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Easy-peasy jambalaya

Jambalaya is a Louisiana Creole dish of Spanish and French influence, thus says Wikipedia. I’ll add that it is a one-pot rice dish, similar to jollof rice. It differs however in the method of preparation, and in the spices used. … Continue reading

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Flash fiction – Bade

She looked at her watch, then glanced at the kitchen clock for confirmation. It was 7pm and Bade was nowhere in sight. She called his mobile phone for the umpteenth time and hissed when it went straight to voicemail. God … Continue reading

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Dear Informed Viewer……….(3)

Thank you for following my series on the various types of peppersoup that are found around Nigeria. Contrary to what some people think, peppersoup involves more than putting curry, thyme and pepper into meat stock and hoping for a tasty … Continue reading

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Home training

And here’s more from my guest blogger, enjoy….. I was having a conversation with my mother in law – one of the sweetest women I know; this is not to say, how do I put this delicately, she doesn’t upset … Continue reading

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Eau de char etc

I rediscovered an old scent on Saturday night as I attempted to burn down my kitchen. I’d actually started out boiling some rice, but I’d gotten so carried away by some fiction I was reading that I didn’t hear the … Continue reading

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What’s new? I haven’t posted in a while, so I thought I’d write something, no matter how brief. So far today, I have taken the girls for their tennis lesson. T had been taking them over the past few weeks, but … Continue reading

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