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The morning so far

Noticed at some point this morning that it was raining. E3 repeated insistently that she had no desire to go to school. ‘I do not want to see my friends’ she said firmly, pre-empting my stock response. E2 wanted her … Continue reading

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Vote for my choice or die!!!

Melodramatic enough for you? Nollywood has nothing on me! I went on Twitter earlier today, and gathered that the Oba of Lagos had allegedly threatened Igbo leaders and by association their tribesmen, with death if they did not vote for … Continue reading

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back for good?

It’s been a minute. I left that comment a few minutes ago on Sting’s blog. To be specific, on a blog post about farts in an enclosed space. Not her farts, someone else’s. On a small airplane. You can read … Continue reading

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Party lottery?

Very short post. E2 got invited to a party yesterday. ‘Mama, it’s on a Sunday’ she tells me. I haven’t looked at the invitation yet, but the reply trips off my tongue easily. ‘Sorry, you can’t go. We’ll be going … Continue reading

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Morning. I wake E1 up, and send her downstairs to use the bathroom. Then I wake E2 up, and direct her to the bathroom upstairs. E1 comes racing up the stairs a while later, just as E2 emerges with the … Continue reading

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The lady, his laps and the wealthy place

Having vented at length on Twitter, here are my thoughts on the matter. A lady published an account of her affair with a pastor. She detailed the events that led up to the affair, the remorse she felt afterwards, and … Continue reading

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Dear Facebook Scrabble,

I used to love you. Not anymore. We had a good relationship,  till you went and ruined it. Why couldn’t you stay the same? You wanted more of me than I was willing to give? You wanted the ability to … Continue reading

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