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Gidan Nodza

“Uniquely crafted, unmistakably fashion” Gidan Nodza, is an innovative Nigerian fashion design house. It is a boutique extraordinaire, offering the best handcrafted luxury items of their kind. Each product is different and unique because they are all 100% handmade, and … Continue reading

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She sighed as she stood up, picked up her bag, and made to leave. She hated this part, saying goodbye was her least favourite thing. She had a list of not-favourite things, but this topped them all. She thought of … Continue reading

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The bell tolls for Japan

We have all watched in appalled fascination as pictures of the devastation in Japan has filled our screens. Some of us have expressed sympathy for Japan, others have gone a step further and have prayed for the people experiencing such … Continue reading

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Tough love

The other day, I got a note from Egirl’s piano teacher. She said Egirl had been tearful in a couple of lessons, and had complained that her hands hurt when she was asked to play new pieces. She said Egirl … Continue reading

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