Ole. Thief. Barawo.

Here’s one I prepared earlier, early last year to be exact. I never got round to finishing it, till just now. Enjoy!

I was talking to Toks earlier.

She said she’d been up late last night, strolling through Blogsville. She had  come across Bimbylads, and had laughed till the tears had come out. So off I went to see what Bimby was all about. I read a few of her posts, I’ll go back later to read some more. One of them was about marriage. It took me down memory lane, to a close friend’s wedding.

For those of us getting married in the UK, it is customary for close friends to rally around, and offer to help out in any way they can. This help can take many forms,  getting  food from the caterers to the venue, buying drinks, cooking a cooler or two of food, helping towards the costs of the DJ, etc. It is given as an expression of support for the couple, and because every little helps.

Anyways, so come this my friend’s Ann’s wedding, she wondered why her friend Sandra hadn’t taken any interest in the proceedings, hadn’t offered to assist in any way.

So she asked her. Sandra’s reply was ‘I’m willing to help you out with anything you want so long as it isn’t going to cost me a dime’

‘Fair enough’  thought Ann,  ‘at least she was honest, and didn’t make promises she could not keep’

And so the preparations went on, and the big day arrived. Ann was a beautiful bride, everything went as planned, it was truly a lovely event.  I was the joint MC, and little did I know what was going on behind the scenes.

It was on her return from honeymoon that Ann told me what she had witnessed from her seat at the high table.

She had watched in disbelief as Sandra had commandeered the huge pot of moin-moin, and had calmly put it under her table.  Yes that’s right. She had taken the moin-moin, one of the tastiest delicacies of any social event, and had kept it all for herself. That was her own take-away from a wedding she had not contributed towards.

I spluttered as I asked Ann why she hadn’t told me on the day, her reply was that she hadn’t wanted me to publicly disgrace Sandra by announcing it over the PA system. As if I’d have ever done such a thing.

Anyhow, so there you have it. True story. Ann and Sandra are no longer friends. I wonder why.

Thanks for stopping by Smile


About Joxy

When I'm not cooking or thinking about cooking, then I'm writing, or thinking about writing. I love misdirection....nothing is ever what it seems!
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10 Responses to Ole. Thief. Barawo.

  1. Sandra thought the moin-moin would be a befitting souvenir / keepsake from the wedding. Bless her!

  2. Tayo says:

    Na wa ooo… I think Sandra too have some celebration(s) to cater for at home or what is she going to do with a whole pot of moin-moin? And by the way, how did she get the control of the pot since she did not do the cooking of the food. Anyway, like they say: strange things do happen.

    • Joxy says:

      Tayo, you know say party moin-moin if dem cook am well dey dey very sweet, and you fit freeze am. People know say she be ‘close’ friend, dem no know say she dey thief am…..Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  3. Akinjide Ojo says:

    Note to self: 1. Tell your fiancée to remove all Sandra’s from the guest list. Just in case this one is one of them. 2. Place extra security around the moin moin.

  4. myne Whitman says:

    LOL…I wonder why too. Some people sef!

  5. Ibhade says:

    why am i not surprised???…*laughing*…so common in 9ja!

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