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Morning. I wake E1 up, and send her downstairs to use the bathroom. Then I wake E2 up, and direct her to the bathroom upstairs. E1 comes racing up the stairs a while later, just as E2 emerges with the … Continue reading

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See me, see aso-ebi trouble…! Part 1

My friend Toyin was having a party for her parents’ joint birthday celebrations. And I had taken aso-ebi, as you do. I sent my fabric to Nigeria for sewing, but as usual, I took my time in choosing a style. … Continue reading

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The lady, his laps and the wealthy place

Having vented at length on Twitter, here are my thoughts on the matter. A lady published an account of her affair with a pastor. She detailed the events that led up to the affair, the remorse she felt afterwards, and … Continue reading

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Answer me this….

….does it make you feel better? This constant assertion that because he had never been to Nigeria, he is not Nigerian? ….does the colour of his passport lessen the heinousness of his murderous act? The cold-blooded hacking down of a … Continue reading

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‘Give me your belt’ – Tales from back home

We made it to the airport in good time. We the travellers that is. Our bags hadn’t arrived yet. Well, some of them had. The rest of them were in a second car. Five people travelling, 8 pieces of luggage, … Continue reading

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Dear Informed Viewer……….(3)

Thank you for following my series on the various types of peppersoup that are found around Nigeria. Contrary to what some people think, peppersoup involves more than putting curry, thyme and pepper into meat stock and hoping for a tasty … Continue reading

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The driver…. an excerpt

He saw the flashing blue lights behind him, and swore under his breath as he pulled over to the side of the road and parked his car. Everything had been going well in his life for once and he regretted … Continue reading

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