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Hair today….gone tomorrow Part 5

Deidre backed away from Deinde as the words tumbled out of his mouth. Hands clutching her head, she started to whimper as he spoke of how Ijawunmi’s hair had cut his hand, and then began crying in earnest as he … Continue reading

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Hair today…..gone tomorrow Part 4

Deidre opened her eyes and blinked in confusion. She had fallen asleep in Deinde’s arms as he whispered his undying love into her ears, and she wondered why and when she had left the warmth and comfort of her bed … Continue reading

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Hair today…..gone tomorrow (bonus part)

Ijawunmi paced back and forth like a caged tiger. She was proud of her name. Handed down through the years to all the first-born daughters of her mother’s lineage,its meaning was a pale reflection of how she felt now. She … Continue reading

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Hair today…..gone tomorrow Part 3

  Shade stirred awake slowly, then turned over in bed to look at her husband who was sleeping fitfully beside her. It was a Saturday morning, and there was nowhere to rush off to which made a nice change from … Continue reading

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