Wiggin’ it

Howling wind wakes Egirl up way too early. T is already up, in the study. I hear him tell her to go back to bed, but she bustles around, brushing her teeth.

I get up earlier than usual and Etoddler leaps out of her bad as soon as she hears me.

The first thing Ebaby says as she wakes up is ‘noish’

We all get dressed then head downstairs. and the girls tuck into their breakfast. Ebaby toddles form one sister to the other shouting ‘bearbread’. She means ‘tear bread’ and they take turns in tearing off little pieces of brioche for her, she stuffs her mouth happily.

Me, I am keeping an ear on the wind, and wondering what it means for my image.

You see, I have been rocking a curly ‘fro for the past few weeks. It’s a lovely shade of auburn with gold highlights, and I’ve gotten quite a few compliments on it. Only thing is, it’s a wig, and I am slightly worried that the wind would make us part company, publicly.

We get there, and I put my head down as we walk towards their school. The wind is making my ‘fro even wilder that it usually is, but I don’t care, as long as it stays on my head.

I imagine how traumatised Ebaby would be if she suddenly sees my full head of head bowling along the road right in front of her buggy.

I wonder what I’ll do if the wind whips it off just as we are in the middle of crossing the road. Get the children to safety on the other side, then dash after it?

By this time, we are safely at school. I say goodbye, and head back to the safety of my car, afro (and dignity) intact.

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About Joxy

When I'm not cooking or thinking about cooking, then I'm writing, or thinking about writing. I love misdirection....nothing is ever what it seems!
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14 Responses to Wiggin’ it

  1. Ha ha ha! You had me at “Only thing is, it’s a wig…”

    I’m so pleased you made it in one piece with all appendages intact. Talk about whipping your hair a la Willow Smith!

  2. Ibhade says:

    *laughing*…now that would be comical chei?

  3. Tee- hee! imagine how traumatised Ebaby would be if she suddenly sees my full head of head bowling along the road right in front of her buggy- too funny!

  4. myne Whitman says:

    You sure got me laughing with that line too. I’m always scared of using wigs for this reason, and it’s not just high winds…anything could happen.

    • Joxy says:

      The perils of wig wearing include constantly ducking Ebaby’s grasp, especially when we are out. I have to whisper fiercely ‘Don’t touch mama’s hair!’ lest she yanks it off, or worse. But then, what can be worse than that? 🙂

  5. Debo says:

    The fear of wind is what has kept me from using a wig all these years… can’t just imagine going out and the wind blows my “hair” off….

  6. Amina says:

    Currently rocking dreads (now and for a long time to come) never worn wig but I can imagine the concern and worry… God forbid that kind of embarassement o, Amin. Good read.

  7. Hahaha… I held my breath thinking somewhere btw the house and the school the wig did fall off…. thank God it held firmly in place…

    you for done provide free show for passers-by…. I can imagine the embarrassment

    • Joxy says:

      It happened for real to a friend of mine this week, the kids enjoyed chasing after the wig, she had no choice but to see the funny side of it :D.

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