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Good John Lewis (& Meccano too!)

I have ranted  about retailers in the past. Here and here to be exact. Today I remembered a quote from Julius Caesar. Something to the effect that the evil that men do lives after them, the good is oft interred … Continue reading

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Don’t climb

So you know that I write triction sometimes? Well, there’s this tale that is fighting for a voice. It happened for real. The subject matter is above. Those of you with a grasp of Yoruba will know what I’m talking … Continue reading

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A tale of two olives

I love olives. Green olives. I don’t mind black ones, but I prefer the green. They have more bite, more oomph to them. I prefer Greek olives. Spanish ones are okay-ish, but most of the ones I come across are … Continue reading

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Ages ago, when I wrote about my hip replacement, I typed it in Microsoft Word using this very same font, copied and pasted it into WordPress, and it appeared just like this. The next time I tried to do the … Continue reading

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