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‘Am I in England?’ My 98-year-old neighbour asked the question one morning upon waking up, and I thought nothing of it. She was quite unwell, and at her age, had probably taken a step backwards in her mind, to a … Continue reading

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Pot roast beef

The other day, I mentioned Levi Roots, and his pot roast beef. I was able to make it over Easter, but am only writing about it now for a number of reasons. 1. I was unwell during the prepping and … Continue reading

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Things I’ve learnt (Part 1)

I wrote this during my staycation, hence the tenses. I’m home now, but didn’t fancy changing anything. Here goes. Almost everything in life has a flip side, if you look for it. We go on vacation at least once a … Continue reading

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No place like home

It’s Saturday. I’m sitting here, looking out of the window. It’s a bright sunny day. I don’t think it’s warm outside, but Egirl and her sisters don’t seem to mind. I can hear their screaming laughter as they play in … Continue reading

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I’ve been away for a while, not from choice. I apologise for not leaving comments whilst strolling through blogsville, and for not responding to comments left here. I’ll do so once I’m able. I’m writing today because in life, stuff … Continue reading

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Wednesday She gasped for breath as the waves of pain flowed over her with an unrelenting rhythm. Her lungs screamed as she tried to suck air in through her mouth, her nose was not up to the task. She saw the … Continue reading

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