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Kazan ridi

It’s been a minute. Life. The other day, my friend JokeB came round to recreate the food she had grown up with. We had both lived in Kaduna at around the same time, but our paths hadn’t crossed then. We posted … Continue reading

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Back to work

My littlest one is at school now, so my thoughts have turned towards going back to work. In an office. It’s been over a decade since I’ve last done this, and the thought is a bit daunting. The upside of … Continue reading

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See me, see aso-ebi trouble…! Part 1

My friend Toyin was having a party for her parents’ joint birthday celebrations. And I had taken aso-ebi, as you do. I sent my fabric to Nigeria for sewing, but as usual, I took my time in choosing a style. … Continue reading

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Dear Facebook Scrabble,

I used to love you. Not anymore. We had a good relationship,  till you went and ruined it. Why couldn’t you stay the same? You wanted more of me than I was willing to give? You wanted the ability to … Continue reading

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Answer me this….

….does it make you feel better? This constant assertion that because he had never been to Nigeria, he is not Nigerian? ….does the colour of his passport lessen the heinousness of his murderous act? The cold-blooded hacking down of a … Continue reading

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Morning runs

I get the girls to school early and am back home just after 8.45am. E3 is home today, she grabs her spoon and heads upstairs. I follow after her with a box of Crunchy Nut cereal, and a bowl of milk. … Continue reading

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Mental slavery?

Like I said earlier, didn’t want to blog till I finished the Hair today…..Gone tomorrow series, but again, life has intruded, hence this post. A big thank you to everyone who has come with me on that journey, it has … Continue reading

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