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Flash fiction – Bade

She looked at her watch, then glanced at the kitchen clock for confirmation. It was 7pm and Bade was nowhere in sight. She called his mobile phone for the umpteenth time and hissed when it went straight to voicemail. God … Continue reading

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Closer than a brother by Nkem Ivara

Set in London, this is a fast-paced romance novella that grips you firmly from the first page, and refuses to let go even after you have turned the last. They met in their teens, and grew up together. Now Sami … Continue reading

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The husband – an excerpt

It was a day just like any other. The only difference was, this was the day he had decided to kill her. He heard her stirring outside, and he turned over in his bed, pulling his wrapper over his head … Continue reading

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Hair today…….gone tomorrow…Part 12….the finale.

As they drove away from Toyosi’s, Deinde suddenly felt lucid. He glanced sideways and saw his briefcase beside him, and realised he needed to drop off the divorce papers. Shade had signed them without protesting, and all he needed do … Continue reading

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Hair today………….gone tomorrow Part 11

Ijawunmi and her cohorts swirled around the car gleefully as Deidre left the third salon, convinced everyone around her was going crazy. The wraiths had successfully drawn a veil over people’s eyes so they couldn’t see the wefts or the … Continue reading

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Hair today…..gone tomorrow part 10

The incessant drumming forced Shade to open her eyes, even as she wondered which part of her roof had given in to the rain’s demands for entry this time. She had taken a rare day off and had spent the … Continue reading

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Hair today…….gone tomorrow Part 9

Apart from his prosthetic hunchback, the rest of his appearance was styled after his literary hero, Wole Soyinka. Leke sported a full afro of  grey hair, and a matching beard too. Today though, as he waited for Deidre to arrive, … Continue reading

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