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Back to work

My littlest one is at school now, so my thoughts have turned towards going back to work. In an office. It’s been over a decade since I’ve last done this, and the thought is a bit daunting. The upside of … Continue reading

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See me, see aso-ebi trouble…! Part 3

 If you haven’t already, please read Part 1 here, and Part 2 here. Saturday morning, I woke up early. I suspected an allergy had flared up during the night, and glancing into a mirror confirmed this. My right eye, eyelids … Continue reading

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Google+ or Facebook?

This is day 2 of my self-imposed exile from Facebook. I have not deactivated my account, nor do I intend to do so, yet. I have chosen to take a break because in part, I think I was addicted strongly … Continue reading

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Been a while…..

….since I’ve been on here, or anywhere in Blogsville for that matter, and I don’t have any excuses. So what’s been happening while I’ve been away? The girls finally broke up from school last week, so it’s happy days ahead. … Continue reading

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