Eni to kan lo mo

Years ago, before I had my first hip replacement, I lived in excruciating pain. The kind of pain that even today, I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. I went through aboniki like water, but it couldn’t reach the pain, talk less of scratch its surface. I was suffering from avascular necrosis in my hip, which in plain english, means that due to inadequate blood supply, my hip joint was soft and spongy, and was collapsing in on itself. In plainer english, it was rotting away. And then I was offered the option of having the hip replaced. I leapt at the offer with both hands, thankful that a solution was available.

Did I pray during that period? Yes I did. Did I have faith that God could heal me? Yes I did. Did I believe He would heal me? Fervently. My parents, especially my dad, were against my having the surgery. He told me he believed God would heal me. I responded, that that was my prayer too. I said I was waiting on a miracle, and that even if it happened after the surgeons cut me open, if they looked and saw that my hip joint was perfect, they would sew me back up and leave it in place. I said failing that though, I was not prepared to endure pain in my body based on someone else’s belief.

Eni to kan lo mo.

I remember a friend I used to have. I told her about the impending surgery and she said words to the effect that a hip replacement was not my portion, and that God would heal me. I asked her why she had had a root canal extraction some weeks before. My exact words were ‘Why didn’t you endure the pain and tell the dentist to leave the rotting tooth in your mouth while you waited for God to replace or heal it?’ We are no longer friends.

Christianity is personal. When it comes to healing, do not dissuade someone else from seeking medical assistance when you yourself have never successfully prayed for your headache to go away. You pop paracetamol/panadol like sweeties,  yet you tell a woman with reproductive issues to seek the face of the Lord and ignore her doctors.

Don’t get me wrong. I believe that God is Jehovah Rapha, our Great Healer. I myself am a living testimony of this. I also believe He has given mortals insight into the workings of the human body, so they can fix whatever goes wrong, to a certain degree.

I should come back to blogging, there is a lot more to be said on this and other issues.

What are your thoughts? Thanks for stopping by 😀

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When I'm not cooking or thinking about cooking, then I'm writing, or thinking about writing. I love misdirection....nothing is ever what it seems!
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10 Responses to Eni to kan lo mo

  1. Beau Rikefe says:

    This deserves a standing ovation!

  2. Adekunbi says:

    God always has a way, sometimes is suddenly after a spoken word and sometimes it takes a person to go wash off the mud in the river, like in the Bible days. We need to be sensitive, I would have loved to have normal birth for my children but I was told it not possible because my pelvic is not big enough.. Would I question God or thank Him for making a way, three times for that matter. I was told not to come back for the forth time 😀😀😀.

  3. Angelsbeauty says:

    Word. Very true. Like you said.. you are popping panadol and telling someone else to trust God. Let each believe according to their faith.

  4. Halima says:

    Very true. God heals but we also have to do the needfull about our health.

  5. Alma Olagbemi says:

    God made the doctor too … book of sirach….. I the Catholic version of the Good news bible
    Have faith and go see the doctor

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