Vote for my choice or die!!!

Melodramatic enough for you? Nollywood has nothing on me!

I went on Twitter earlier today, and gathered that the Oba of Lagos had allegedly threatened Igbo leaders and by association their tribesmen, with death if they did not vote for his chosen candidate, Ambode in the upcoming elections on the 11th of April.

My first reaction was one of disbelief. I honestly did not believe that anyone in  his right mind could have made such a remark. I immediately assumed it was a smear campaign orchestrated by Ambode’s rivals in order to sway voters against him.

All the news articles I read on the matter, although penned by different ‘journalists’, had come from the same source, and were almost identical, word for word. This led further credence to my smear campaign theory.

And then the audio tape was released. Part of it was garbled, but enough of it was clear enough to hear the monarch make his pronouncements, of ‘dead bodies in the water.’ I was and still am deeply appalled that such xenophobic statements were uttered in the first place. I am beyond horrified that the Oba was surrounded by sycophantic obsequious fools who thought his statements were deserving of raucous applause.

Listen to the audio here

He had done great damage to Ambode’s cause, unwittingly or not. I have a naturally suspicious mind, I can’t help but wonder if a backhander from the PDP was the inspiration for this speech.

The Awujale of Ijebuland, said this to President Goodluck Jonathan a few weeks before the recently concluded presidential elections,

“It is not proper in Ijebuland or Yorubaland for an Oba to canvass for votes for any candidates seeking elective posts. In Ijebu here, it is not possible for any Oba, not even only in Ijebu, in Yorubaland, to go out and say vote for this, vote for that; that person is looking for trouble. But give them the opportunity to present their programmes so that people can make up their minds on what to do. I think this is a very sound democratic principle and that is what I have decided to do, to give you the opportunity of meeting with the people.”

This is the position a regent should take. Especially one who studied law, and rose through the ranks to become the Assistant Inspector General of Police before his retirement.

If the rule of law held sway in Nigeria, I’m sure attempted vote tampering would have been an arrestable offence. Talk less of attempting to incite violence against a particular tribe or ethnic group. However, this is Nigeria.

The Oba did not speak in my name. I am Yoruba and deplore the sentiments he echoed in his speech. I make an unreseverved apology to everyone of Igbo descent for the offence caused by one of our traditional rulers. I appeal to my fellow Yorubas not to make excuses for the Oba. What is not good is not good, it does not have two names.

I urge everyone who has a PVC to vote according to their original intentions.

Eko o ni baje.


p.s. I do not believe the Oba is a deity. How he intends to know who voted for which candidate from inside the recesses of his palace is beyond my ken.

p.p.s I am very happy GMB won the elections. In my opinion, GEJ displayed an arrant lack of empathy for the plight of the common Nigerian. I believe he was out of touch with the nation as a whole. SaiBuhari. SaiBaba.

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