All about the One

A couple of weeks ago, I was sitting and minding my business when my phone rang. I glanced at the number, did not recognise it, and was about to ignore the call when I answered it on a whim.

It was Rohan, calling from a partner company of my mobile network carrier. I rarely ever entertain unsolicited calls from marketers, but I must have been in a mellow mood, so I listened to what he had to say. He offered me an upgrade on my existing phone. My contract had expired in February last year, but I loved my HTC Sensation to bits, and hadn’t seen anything else I was interested in, so had been content to carry on with my tariff out of contract.

Ah, my Sensation! That phone suffered. Dropped it numerous times on various surfaces. Dropped it into a pot of hot soapy water one day as I was gisting with T whilst washing dishes. Fished it out and still managed to explain what had happened before dismantling it to dry it out. It survived, and also survived going deep loo diving on a later occasion, again, unscathed. Very durable piece of kit that took great selfies pictures.

He reminded me how old my phone was, 3 years old next month, and how he could get me on a better value price plan with a new phone to boot. He asked what phone I’d like, I said it had to be an HTC. He offered me the HTC One mini for free, I checked with Mr Mobility over at to find out what the latest HTC phone was. His response was the HTC Desire 501 dual sim, but that it was a mid-range device and not as good as the mini. My curiosity was piqued, so I asked Rohan what other phone was available. He said the HTC One was another option, but it would cost me £156. I  was on Google at this point, so asked him to call back in a couple of hours while I thought over what to do.

I called T, who asked me to call my carrier direct to see what they could over me. Long story short, I did, and my the time Rohan called back, I had secured a new tariff with 4G, and an HTC One for £20. I politely explained that I no longer required his assistance, and he rang off shortly after.

My new phone arrived the day after. Most people I know would have been very excited to rip off the wrapping and start using their phone, but not me. I had determined that I was not going to use the phone until I had rooted and installed a new ROM on it, and that was where the drama started.


It took me a week to get the phone to how I wanted it, and it was a long hard road. I’ll be going into the techy hows and wherefores on in the near future, but this is why I did it.

Imagine getting a top of the range car. This car is capable of reaching incredible speeds, but it has come fitted with a speed limiter. You love the car, but you know it is capable of doing so much more. So you tinker about till you can remove the speed limiter and unleash the power within.

Or you buy this piece of yam from the market. And the seller says you are only supposed to boil it before eating. But you know you can also pound it, fry it, roast it, and make it into asaro. So you get your cook on and take your yam to its limits.

So that was what I did with my phone. Android 4.4, Sense 5.5 Android Revolution HD 41.0 by mike1986.

And I am in love all over again. I’ve been toying with the idea of having a food page on here. Not full on food blogging, but sharing pictures and recipes once in a while, including reviews of recipes on food blogs with links to them etc. The HTC One takes awesome pictures, and I discovered today that I can sign my pictures too using its inbuilt software. Expect to see some ‘Cooking with Joxy’ pictures soon.

Thanks for stopping by Smile.

About Joxy

When I'm not cooking or thinking about cooking, then I'm writing, or thinking about writing. I love misdirection....nothing is ever what it seems!
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18 Responses to All about the One

  1. Truly happy for you both! J and I wish you many years of bliss. Do share pictures- all autographed please!

  2. livelytwist says:

    Ah marketing, you win some, you lose some! Rohan drove you to a new romance with your current carrier- monkey dey work, baboon dey chop 🙂

    I’m looking forward to great images from The One, and thanks for introducing me to

  3. Scaly says:

    So tell me something. Can it make a cappuccino ?

  4. N says:

    Techies are very funny people, they think thet just have to share their vast knowledge and my 2 close friends are the worst sort & now, they are getting in bed together, celebrating each other’s techie-ness while making me drool….there is a God oh! And He’s watching you both in 3D!!!

  5. Mister Mo says:


    Congrats on your new baby! Please flaunt it some more. Never mind our mutual non-techie sweetheart. We love her all the same.

  6. Toin says:

    Deep sigh. I need a ne wphone but i have no idea what to get

  7. Maggielola says:

    Ahh I have no complaint. The phone I currently use was bought for me; I paid no dime. But I can relate with your struggles on choice and how the decision-making process can be a stinker! Please do share some awesome photos with the phone! 🙂

  8. angelsbeauty says:

    Being able to tinker with your phone to make it work better is a good skill to have!

    As a foodie, I will be looking forward to the new blog addition!

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