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2013 was quite a year. Highs and lows. This is a new year, and I have started as I mean to go along.

I have unfinished business from last year. I advise people to be tenacious, to pursue after what they want, not to give up. I am now taking my own advice.

I had a horrible experience with an airline last year. I started my pursuit for compensation, but lost impetus along the way due to this and that. I have sent an email to them this morning, I am back on track.

T is working on our heating. We haven’t had any hot water since the 7th of December. We’ve had to boil water on the hob for bathing etc. Our heating was disconnected on the 1st of this year so T could drain the system. I hope he’s able to get it all sorted today. Fortunately, we have had a rather mild winter, so things have not been unbearable.

I like cooking. I don’t cook nearly as much as I’d like to, this is an area I intend to work on this year. I admire food bloggers, because it is nowhere as easy as it looks. Not only do they have to cook the food, they also have to present it in an attractive way, as well as making the recipes accessible.

E1 made pancakes all by herself two days ago. From start to finish. I don’t like sharing my kitchen, so it is hard for me for step aside and let her have a go. So I stayed out of the kitchen and only came in when it was time for her to start frying. She did good.

I had a dream. A lot of people dream about chasing or being chased by their enemies. In my dream, I was eating amala in a buka in Ibadan. Amala with ewedu. The amala was not finger-burningly hot, neither was it feather-light the way I like it. I was also feeling guilty that I had gone all the way to Ibadan without getting in touch with Nike, my sister-friend. In my dream I resolved that the next time I had amala, I would have it with gbegiri and ewedu, and I would stay at Nike’s. Then I woke up.

The last time I was in Ibadan, Nike spoilt me rotten. Took me to her tailor to get outfits made. You all know how I like my clothes. Took me food shopping. The size of those snails! She is an amazing person who has achieved great things against overwhelming odds. I’ll do a whole post on her some day soon.

E2 had her first piano exam in December. She passed with two marks short of a merit. She did good.

E3 is reading. I had started to wonder at her seeming inability to distinguish between letters talk less of sounding them out. And now the girl is reading whatever she can lay her hands on. Right now, she is reading the Little Princess series. They are all in my bed as I type. E1 is reading Five Go Off To Camp,  E2, the Magic Folk Collection both by Enid Blyton, and E3 I Want My Potty by Tony Ross. And I can concentrate on my writing.

I have not made any resolutions this year. I am in good health, and I intend to get the best use out of every day I am privileged to see. Daz all.

I am thankful for life, for health, for T, and the E-crew. I am thankful for my family and my friends. And I am thankful for you my readers, for taking the time to see life through my eyes.

Happy 2014. May we all go farther than we did last year, by God’s grace. Amen.

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