See me, see aso-ebi trouble…! Part 2

If you haven’t already, please read the first part here.

Friday morning dawned nice and bright. I knew Remi was off work this week and I didn’t want to be the one to wake her, so I held off calling till a bit past 10 in the morning. She hadn’t heard from Shokan, so she told me she’d call back after checking with him.

She called Shokan, and he confirmed that the clothes had been sent by Rinu the previous night, and had arrived in London that morning. When Remi asked for the contact details of the bringer, he gave her Ramide’s (his wife) telephone number, and told her to get them from her.

At this point, I was rejoicing. I sent a Whatsapp message to the people I had bugged for assistance, telling them that my clothes had landed. I had no clue.

Remi called Ramide, and started off by thanking her for her help in getting the clothes over. Ramide’s response was very abrupt, and she cut off Remi in mid-sentence saying ‘I’m driving. Call me back in 20 minutes.’ When Remi called back, she did not answer her phone. Remi sent her a text thanking her again, explaining that she had tried to call back as discussed, and asking for the contact details of the bringer. All she got back in response was a curt text, ‘Speak to Shokan.’

When I heard this, I mentioned it to another friend PJ who then remarked ‘Joxy, I hope there is no yawa between these people o. Women are very funny, she might be trying to use this against him. Olorun je ko ri aso yi wo fun party e yi.’ I immediately rebutted this statement and assured her that nothing would prevent me from collecting my clothes.

I called Remi to find out what progress she’d made.  She mentioned that in her earlier conversation with Shokan he had told her that he had had to show his wife, Ramide all the texts he had exchanged with Remi in order to prove there was nothing untoward going on. Apparently, Rinu and Ramide were close friends, and between the both of them, they had decided something fishy was happening.

Remi called Shokan after Ramide’s text to her, and he said he would try to get the contact details of the bringer from Rinu herself. My question at this point was if I could call Ramide myself to get the number. Remi said she had to check with Shokan if he was okay with that. He said it was not a good idea, so I did not press Remi for her number. At this point, Remi and I were asking each other why Rinu had agreed to send the clothes in the first place. She had known what they were, and would have examined them before sending, so what was the point in fencing them from me now?

Remi called Shokan  at various points through the day but his phone rang out without a response.

The hours ticked past. Remi and I kept calling each other as neither of us could believe what was happening. When she spoke to Shokan again, he said he had called Rinu in Lagos but she said she was in the middle of an appraisal and would call him back with the contact details. This was Friday night. There was nothing either of us could do but wait and wait. To be honest, the stress and anxiety had started getting to me. I felt rather unwell by bedtime, and would have fashied going to the party altogether had it not been for a close friend’s parents. Maybe it was time to begin to think about an alternative outfit.

Missing in transit

Missing in transit

To be continued…….

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6 Responses to See me, see aso-ebi trouble…! Part 2

  1. Tolani says:

    Just ad to scroll down a bit to read part 2, nice!

  2. Akinjide Akindele-Ojo says:

    I’m sitting here wondering how you have managed to turn an aso-ebi story into a mini series that’s got readers glued to their computers waiting for the next installment. You have turned me into gist monger O! Do quick and tell us the rest abeg. Something tells me the drama is just now beginning.

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