It had been a productive day, and the pickings had been good, but nothing came close to his latest acquisition.

He darted through the traffic, running steadily with the ease that came from repeated practice. His right hand was clenched tightly around the prize in his pocket, and he smiled inwardly as he continued to jog. He was sweating, but so were the various street hawkers who were chasing after cars to get paid after having handed over their wares, so he did not attract any extra attention.

Years ago, she had told him condescendingly that he would never amount to much, and he had just proven her wrong. Elation surged through his blood as he pictured the look on her face and he chuckled inwardly. He turned off the major road he had been on, and seamlessly merged into the crowd that milled around the market, his run having slowed into a hurried walk. He slowed down as he got deeper into the market, and soon he was strolling along seemingly without a care in the world.

His life was what it was, and he had accepted it. He had had his breaks in life, and life in turn had broken him. Broken his heart to be exact. He remembered his one and only true love Simisola as she had been then back in their undergraduate days. The love they had shared had been like a molten flame he was convinced would burn for ever. He had been wrong to think that they had a future together despite his humble background and her silver-spooned upbringing…and her mother had been only too willing to point out that error to him.

Simisola, his Simisola had stood in silence as her mother explained that gari and sand were never intended to mix, but if they did, the sand was rinsed out, and discarded for good. Simisola’s tears had fallen on to the sand beneath their feet as her mother had spoken to him that day at Bar Beach, but she had not said a word in his defence. And after her mother had exhausted her tirade, she had ordered him to leave. To walk away without looking back. And he had.

On getting back to campus, he had discovered that Simisola was no longer enrolled there, she had been whisked abroad by her mother as a final step in driving a wedge between them.

His reunion with her today had been bittersweet. There were so many things he had wanted to tell her, like how he had had to drop out of university because his mother had died, and he could not afford the fees. Or how he had relied on his street smarts to eventually become the head of the feared and reviled Roadside Boys. He had wanted to tell her how he had never stopped loving her, but it had neither been the time nor place.

Her mother had sobbed as she held out her daughter’s hand to him. His beloved Simisola had passed out at the sight of him, either at recognising him. or because of the Glock he had waved threateningly in their faces as they were stuck in traffic. It mattered not to him, of a truth it had made his task slightly easier.

The scalpel he always carried as a reminder of his previous life when he had been a medical student had sliced through her finger joint cleanly, and he had calmly pocketed both the finger, and the ring. He was not without morals though, he had instructed her mother on how to staunch the blood till they received medical attention. And had left her alive to carry out his directive.

He might not have gained Simisola’s hand in marriage, but he had her ring finger securely in his pocket. And a very expensive engagement ring from the way it had sparkled in the sun as she gesticulated towards a hawker.

And all was well with his world.

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About Joxy

When I'm not cooking or thinking about cooking, then I'm writing, or thinking about writing. I love misdirection....nothing is ever what it seems!
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15 Responses to Doctor!

  1. Ginger says:

    Justjoxy, I am beginning to fear your dark imaginations.
    Still, it was a captivating story. He will prolly sell the ring and embalm the finger urrgh

  2. Angelsbeauty says:

    Wow! Very well written and I didn’t see that coming! Lol deep! I was expecting some fairy tale ending!

  3. livelytwist says:

    Justjoxy, I feel you when you said, “I never know how my stories will end till I write the last word.” I wish you had re-written the end… but then, it is the end, the way it is, gory, wicked, cold, that will make us remember this story for many days to come.
    Well done. I loved it.

  4. Nutty Jay says:

    Oh my gosh… this is very Jeffery Deaver-ish

  5. Very well written as always. I knew it would have an unpredictable end, but this, ehn ehn!

  6. Amina says:

    I always prepare myself to expect the unexpected when it comes to your stories but I didn’t or could never have seen this coming. I love it, good job.

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