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I used to love you. Not anymore. We had a good relationship,  till you went and ruined it. Why couldn’t you stay the same? You wanted more of me than I was willing to give? You wanted the ability to interrupt my flow of thoughts with your obtrusive adverts at will? And you thought I would hang around and take your shenanigans because we had been together for years?

I’m off. I’ve had enough. I don’t care about my stats, I’ll build them up again. I do care about the ability to choose who I want to play with. I don’t like the fact that I have to manually refresh the page every so often to see if other players have made their moves. I hate the fact that I get irksome notifications from you that XYZ has played..

I have ‘unliked’ you. I wish all the other people moaning about the changes would ‘unlike’ you too. So that you will realise that new is not necessarily better. You’ve done me a favour though. I don’t go on Facebook as often as I used to, and I have returned to my first love. The Internet Scrabble Club. The bestest online scrabble site ever. It’s at www.isc.ro and I’m back for good.

What do I like about www.isc.ro? Normal scrabble board. I don’t need sunglasses to protect my eyes from garish coloured schemes inspired by the copious consumption of LSD. I can choose the length of my games. I can choose what level of opponent I want. I can use the commonly recognised dictionaries, like SOWPODS. I am not confined to using just Collins or TWL. I mean who plays with those anymore? 

I’ve currently got a few games going, and will complete them out of courtesy. Once done I am deleting and blocking your app. Permanently. If you are ever around on www.isc.ro,just to have a look at what proper Scrabble is all about, please match me. My name’s dejoxy on there, and I’m always up for a good scrap.

p.s I hear you have been blocking and banning people for making negative comments about the changes. That is such a genius move. Kudos for being so forward-thinking.

And as for you my dear reader, thanks for stopping by Smile.