Morning runs

I get the girls to school early and am back home just after 8.45am.

E3 is home today, she grabs her spoon and heads upstairs. I follow after her with a box of Crunchy Nut cereal, and a bowl of milk. She waits impatiently while I fire up my laptop, and then we get down to the business of her breakfast. She gets through quickly, her mind on the game she wants to play.

There are two choices, Big City Adventure London, or Big City Adventure Paris. She opts for London, and away we go. She is the one who wants to play the hidden object game, but she needs some help, especially as she can’t read, and doesn’t know which items to look for. We end up playing it together, she’s learning new words as we go along, and having fun too.

I think she’s spent long enough staring at the laptop screen, so it’s telly time. On the menu today, Timmy Time, Curious George and Dora the Explorer. We go downstairs, I tuck her in under a comforter on the sofa, put on the first of the trio, then come back upstairs.

I go get some peach and passion fruit yoghurt, and top it up with Simply Nutty Muesli. Breakfast sorted.

I call Eddie, he’s been suggested to me as a possible future supplier of raw shea butter. I use shea butter for my heels and for our hair, and have almost run out. Eddie doesn’t know how much the shea butter weighs but will call Ghana to find out. He offers to send me a sample so I can assess the quality. I text him my address.

I do some research on a joint project Nkem and I are considering, and send her my findings.

In between I go up and down the stairs to attend to E3’s viewing requirements. I tell her to turn off the telly after Dora and come upstairs.

I stop by Twitter. There is a storm raging. Someone tweeted an offensive joke, someone else retweeted it, and everyone is clamouring for the head of the retweeter. I like Twitter when it’s fun. This is not fun, and I have no opinion one way or the other so I exit quickly.

I haven’t spoken to Maryam in a while, so I call her, and we catch up. I hear E3 singing ‘Chuck my money….I don’t care’ as she comes up the stairs. She interrupts our conversation constantly and Maryam threatens to come round with a koboko. The word thrills her and she grins excitedly as she says she wants aunty to visit her with kokobo in tow. Maryam and I laugh over our koboko-filled childhoods. We are thankful our children will never have to go through that.

Conversation over, E3 and I talk about everything and nothing, whilst I play Facebook Scrabble. My name is Joxy, I am a Scrabble addict.

‘I’ve finished!’ rings out E3’s voice from the bathroom. ‘What did you do?’ I call out. ‘One poopoo and three wee wees’ she replies. I head there to help clean up.

Something is niggling me about Tok’s status update, so I whatsapp her. The conversation goes on for a while and I am struggling to keep my eyes open. ‘E3, do you want to take a nap with mama?’ I ask . ‘Yes, let’s nap’ she replies.

I call T at work to say hello, and to tell him I am about to sleep. He’s busy so doesn’t stay talking for long, which suits me. I am that sleepy.

It’s about 1.30pm, I set my alarm for 30 minutes, cuddle up with E3, and go to sleep. I sleep with the phone ringer on, my girls are at school, I need to be reachable.

My phone rings at 1.32. It’s PJ, who asks if I was sleeping. I reply in the affirmative, and she carries on with her purpose for calling, regardless. We conclude, I go back to sleep.

My phone rings at 1.56. It’s Hina, my friendly neighbour, who apologises for waking me, and wants to know if we have electricity. I turn over, squint at the clock and see its red digital display. I reply that we do, reset my alarm, and go back to sleep.

My phone rings at 2.14. It’s PJ again. She’s sorry for waking me up, but she needs a decision  about the ATP tickets right away. I give her my decision, and go back to sleep.

My phone rings at 2.21. It is PJ. She has decided not to buy the tickets, and she explains why. I am awake by the time she says goodbye. 

I call Hina to find out how far with NEPA PCHN her power company, and she says she’ll be round to borrow matches. I throw on clothes and go downstairs to the kitchen. T made a salad yesterday. He makes great salads. I am having that for lunch, there is a dress I want to fit into. I haven’t bought it yet, but I want to be able to fit into it when I do.

I put noodles on for E3, and hear Hina at the door. She’s brought me some crushed garlic, and crushed ginger too. I ask her to come stay with us if she needs to, and she leaves.

I eat my salad with loads of extra olives. I love olives. Green olives.

I hear E3 calling me just as the noodles are ready. I carry her downstairs, and begin to prep for picking up the girls.

As the noodles cool, I throw in packets of Quavers and Wotsits into the girls’ snack bag. I also put in packs of Caprisonne and E3’s milk beaker. I feed E3 whilst watching The Glades. I’m two episodes into the first season, and the jury is still out. It’s not doing me gis gis like my adrenaline-filled Nikita and Burn Notice. It is not cracking me up like Castle. I’m not sure at all.

I’m cutting it really finely. I need to be at the girls’ school at 3.40, and I’m still at home at 3.25. It’s a 10 minute drive normally, but there are roadworks…..and yep, I’m still driving when Bunmi’s number flashes up on my phone. I answer and hear Elizabeth’s voice asking if she should collect E1 as her class is out. I say yes, she passes the phone to E1’s teacher, transaction concluded.

Baba is my nickname for our local PCSO. He stands guard outside the girls’ school to ensure parents don’t park on the double yellow lines. He is not there today. I park on the double yellow lines and dash across the road to go get my girls.

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About Joxy

When I'm not cooking or thinking about cooking, then I'm writing, or thinking about writing. I love misdirection....nothing is ever what it seems!
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8 Responses to Morning runs

  1. Interesting day you had there. I enjoyed reading that. And by the way, one of our on-going projects don get comma.

  2. Angelsbeauty says:

    Enjoyed reading that…. sounds like a very lovely day!

  3. LOL. I enjoyed this. And I watch Nikita too. E3 is enjoying o…last born!!!

  4. Modupe Eyo says:

    Always a fun read. Keep writing.

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