The week that was

A couple of things about last week….

On Sunday, I went out for dinner with a group of some of the craziest ladies ever to celebrate TheWordsmythe’s birthday, albeit belatedly. We had good food and tons of laughter, and the place was lit up by Nkem’s dazzling smile. She was a charming hostess and it is my privilege to call her friend. What else can a girl ask for?

On Wednesday I was in the kitchen, eating these scrumptious cookies

Very moreish!

and cooking a pot of stew, whilst watching Burn Notice. In this episode, Michael and Fiona were careering around Miami as usual, and I found it gripping, as always. I proceeded to unwrap a cube of Maggi, and just before I tossed it into the pot, I decided to take a bite of my cookie. Fortunately for me, my tastebuds registered the sudden saltiness of the cookie just before I bit into it fully. I looked at my hand in disbelief to see my teeth marks on the cube of Maggi. Fortunately for T and the girls, I hadn’t tossed the cookie into the stew either. And the greatest thing of all, was that Michael and Fiona had evaded their pursuers. Again.

Later that same day, I was gisting with T over the phone whilst washing a pot. Somehow, my phone slipped from between my cheek and my shoulder and fell into the hot soapy water. I do not have a picture of this occurrence for obvious reasons. I fished it out, put it on speaker, and then proceeded to tell T what had happened. I turned it off, took it apart, dried it off, and then put it back together again. It then refused to come on. By this time, T had called me back on the home phone. He told me to take it apart and stick it in the airing cupboard. So I did. Hours later, I tried again, and my phone came back on. It is an HTC Sensation, and it absolutely rocks. I love my phone, I no go lie.

On Friday, my Urhobo sister emailed me pictures of all the lovely spices she and her mum had bought for me in Warri, along with evwere pots. She said it was an early Christmas present. Thank you girl, you rock! (Mumsie too) Banga rice, here I come!

Yesterday, my laptop fell on the floor in the bathroom. I was watching Revolution  at the time as well as doing something else. My laptop is sturdy, it continued playing as if nothing untoward had happened. It is a bonafide graduate of Joxy’s school of hard knocks, and truly deserves to have a whole blog post dedicated to it. Coming soon.

I also found a skirt. ‘Kini big deal?’ I hear you ask. Well this particular skirt is not mine. A dear friend of mine had given me money to shop for her, and had asked me me to send the clothes to her in Nigeria, which I had done. When she got her package some time later, the skirt was missing.  I hadn’t counted the clothes I’d sent, but I was convinced I had included the skirt. This was way back in April. I searched high, I searched low. I checked the loft, I checked under the stairs. No joy. And then I found it yesterday. Much joy.

E1 and E2 performed in a musical for the very first time on Friday and Saturday night at the theatre. It was thrilling for T & I to see them up there in their costumes, an experience I’ll remember for a long, long time.

Thank you for stopping by to read a little snippet of life, as I live it :).

About Joxy

When I'm not cooking or thinking about cooking, then I'm writing, or thinking about writing. I love misdirection....nothing is ever what it seems!
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16 Responses to The week that was

  1. How are you
    Your life sounds as frenetic as mine LOL
    I have been known to put the washing up liquid in the fridge …..and the milk by the sink *sigh*
    Na God I dey look LOL
    PS – I’ll bring the starch, keep my banga for me oh

    Have a blessed week

    • Joxy says:

      Hey NIL, looong time! Wrapping up warm and keeping dry in this our cold rainy weather se? How now? our lives are busy, but oh so rewarding. Thank God for our families eh? You wan take starch eat banga rice? I no talk say na soup o, lol. I go holler you once I don cook am. Amen and thank you, have a blessed week too 🙂 xx.

  2. Dayor says:

    Muhahahahahahaha, you just struck me as a very good “multitasker”.

    I enjoyed reading this

  3. I’m glad you enjoyed my birthday dinner, it was a hoot! Can’t wait for the next one.
    I’m also glad that your phone and laptop are sturdy enough to withstand the Joxy-knocks. 😀

  4. Nutty Jay says:

    Why everything dey fall na…which of the gods are angry? Lol

    Kisses and Hugs

  5. Joxy! Jo-xy!! Jo-o-o-xyyy!!! how many times did I call you? What make is your laptop? ON second thoughts don’t, they may ban you from using it with the abuse you’ve subjected it to. How did the banga rice go?

    • Joxy says:

      I will dedicate a blog post to my laptop, completes with pictures. My spices haven’t arrived yet, they are still in Nigeria. When i cook the banga rice, you will KNOw about it :).

  6. angelsbeauty says:

    lol maggi flavoured cookies! hmm maybe i need to get back into burnt notice… i dunno i just gave up on it!

    looks like you and your techies dont get on well.. phone, laptop. but i am pleased your phone is working again 🙂

    • Joxy says:

      The maggi thing was a close shave :). I stopped watching Burn Notice for half a season, then caught up by watchong back to back episodes over three days or so. I think Fiona rawks! My gizmos have to be sturdy to survive, thank you re phone :).

  7. angelsbeauty says:

    plus what is banga rice? i thought banga was soup you had with say pounded yam or eba?

  8. The cookie-maggi mix-up would have been quite the story, LOL… I salute your phone and laptop too, wish mine were that sturdy.

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