Joxy’s tips for raising financial contributions

Your church is up and running. You are writing and marketing books seeing as that you are operating under the  ‘multiple streams of income’ theory. There is however a main source of revenue that is always on tap, all it needs is a little priming now and again. Let me show you how.

Do not say it in as many words, but ensure your congregation realises that the answers to their prayers are inextricably linked to their offerings. Encourage them to sow a monetary seed for everything. Financial breakthrough? Divine debt cancellation? Employment? Immigration issues? Divine favour? Healing? One cap fits all, sow a seed! The bigger the need, the larger the seed. Nothing moves the hand of God like seeing how deep they dig into their pockets. So what if it is written that ‘…obedience is better than sacrifice’? They can sow their way out of any situation, and it is your duty to remind them of this, constantly.

Make it easy for them to give. You know how some people ‘forget’ their cheque books at home before going to church? No worries. they can give via debit card. And if their accounts are overdrawn, and their debit cards have been withdrawn by the bank? Not a problem. They can still give via credit card. It is your duty to make sure all these options are printed on the offering envelopes. ‘Ehm? Credit card? Is that not another form of indebtedness?’ Yes it is, but it doesn’t matter. There is no greater act of worship than getting into debt so as to give an offering in church.

Do you have a budget that can’t or won’t be met from the church’s coffers? Invite a guest minister. It is totally discretionary as to whether or not you set him a predetermined target, make sure he understands the reason why he is there. Immediately after praise and worship, announce to the congregation that just for today, their Sunday morning offering would be collected now rather than after the service as is usual. Exhort them to give generously, as always, then send the buckets round and collect their offerings.

After the guest minister preaches, it is now his duty to raise money, any which way he can. The most common method is akin to bidding at an auction, except it is done in reverse. ‘I need 10 people who will give £2,500 right here, right now’ A few people will stand up, to thundering applause from the rest of the congregation. ‘I need 25 people who will give £1000…’ A greater number of people will spring to their feet. And so on. By the time he gets to £100, there will be a veritable stampede to give. Who wants to left out of the coming blessings? Job done. Guest minister gets his cut in the form of an honorarium, the church’s coffers are filled to overflowing, and the people patiently wait for their reward, which might or might not be in heaven.

Some people are very stubborn, and will not give a penny more than they have purposed in their hearts despite the relentless blandishment from the pulpit. They will not respond to any amount of money suggested by the guest minister, because they had already given their offering the first time one was called for. So when you reclaim the microphone, announce a general amnesty. Give them the option of donating any amount. And send the offering buckets around one more time to collect the coins that will rain down, as surely as night follows day.

You must remember that there is power in pledging. In the above scenario, say someone really really wanted to give £2500, but could not afford it, make it easy. Give them the opportunity to make a pledge. Tell them to make a commitment to pay over a period of time, anything up to this time next year.  This is an IOU between them and God, you are merely the facilitator. Now is not the time to remind them of the scriptures in Ecclesiastes 5:1-7 which warns against making vows you cannot pay. Encourage them to make pledges, you know that if they renege on their payments, God will punish them. It is divine retribution, nothing at all to do with you. You will let them know this after the pledge envelopes have been safely collected.

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To be continued…..

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When I'm not cooking or thinking about cooking, then I'm writing, or thinking about writing. I love misdirection....nothing is ever what it seems!
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5 Responses to Joxy’s tips for raising financial contributions

  1. N says:

    Honest! O ti yawo! Ah ah! I have no words sef to describe this one….only thing I know is, you are so on point, its not even funny,na wa!

  2. Myne Whitman says:

    You heard Oyedepo is being investigated? Just read the series from the beginning, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Churches today sha…

  3. Sola Akin says:

    Hmm, I’m wondering who’s at fault here; the Agbàlówóméèrí pastor or the ęníwáfàńwófó faithful? Anyhow, Òrunlómoęnìtíólà!

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