Joxy’s tips for writing and marketing inspirational books

Your church is up and running. It doesn’t matter whether you have 10 or 1000 members. The fact is that you stand in front of an audience every week while delivering a powerful sermon. You think to yourself, ‘I am a powerful orator, yet I feel as if I should be doing more.’ In a eureka moment, you decide to write a book. Come with me as I show you how. There are no hard and fast rules. You can use one or a combination of methods, whatever works for you will do.

Transcribe one or a combination of your sermons word for word. The fact that these are two different mediums of communication need not be taken into account in any regard. If it was good enough for them to listen to from the pulpit, it is good enough for them to read too. So what if your book is peppered with sentences like ‘As I was meditating this cold winter’s morning, the Lord gave me a specific message for the woman wearing a red scarf in this service’? It does not matter. It was anointed when you preached it, go straight to print.

Eschew all forms of editing. Your words are anointed, and that is enough for you. It does not matter if your grasp of English can best be described as tenuous,  go ahead and do it all yourself. You are after all the leader of a church, divinely appointed by God, how can a mere mortal fail to be inspired by the extent of your revelation knowledge? You know that people offering to proofread your draft are only doing so because they want to steal your vision and plagiarise your material, so do not let them. Anyone that notices or heaven forbid, dares to point out any grammatical errors, inconsistencies, contradictions or omissions, is an emissary of the devil. Dismiss them as such and carry on writing.

However, if you do grudgingly decide that having an editor is the way forward, choose one who is preferably a member of your church, and bestow the honour of rendering your unintelligible prose readable for others upon them. Resist every suggestion they make with all your might. You are fighting the good fight of faith. So what if you have repeated the same thing in different ways in the last three chapters? It is for the sake of emphasis, nothing to do with trying to unsuccessfully up your word count. And when the long-suffering editor returns your corrected manuscript to you, refuse to pay. Are you not joint labourers in the Lord’s vineyard?

A savvy leader knows the areas in which his church is struggling. So for example, once you have identified that a lot of people are struggling with immigration issues, either because they have overstayed their visas, or they can’t even get them in the first place, it is time to get with the moment. A catchy title like ‘Breaking the Strongholds of Immigration’ is guaranteed to be a best-seller, notwithstanding the fact that the closest you have ever come to Immigration Law is by watching UK Border Force on the television.

Once your book is at the printers, herald its forthcoming arrival at every opportunity you get. Tell your congregants it is the book they have been waiting for all their lives, the book they were born to read, the book that will give them a solution to all their troubles. ‘What about the Bible?’  The question is unspoken, and goes unanswered. promote your book after every service, and once it is published, let everyone know you will be teaching from it for the next few Sundays. It is of no business of yours as to whether or not they actually read the book, so long as they buy it.  If they do not sweep up every copy of your book as well as place advance orders for their relatives, never mind. Announce that you are collecting a special offering going towards building wells in Southern Sudan, and then say the first x number of people to donate $25/£25/N7500 or so will get a free copy of the book. This never fails to work, trust me. Your offering buckets will overflow, and you will shift loads of copies.

When you visit another church as a guest minister, be sure to haul truckloads of your book along. Whilst the congregation is still swept up in the euphoria your message has produced, announce that for this special service only, your book is available at a promotional price, and you will personally sign every copy purchased immediately after the service. Then sit back and watch as they stampede towards the book stall.

You received this salvation of yours very freely, and are quite happy to do the Lord’s work without remuneration bar a few exceptions. Anyone is welcome to come to you for counselling sessions, on the proviso that they buy your book. Proof of this will be required before any appointments are booked, after all, we all know that the labourer is worthy of his hire. And it is apparent to all that your people require a lot of counselling.

Plug your book on the television, on the radio, and if you need to print flyers highlighting just how wonderful the book is, please go ahead. Set up a Facebook page for your book, and open up a Twitter account for it too. May your publishers never run out of ink.

To be continued………..

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When I'm not cooking or thinking about cooking, then I'm writing, or thinking about writing. I love misdirection....nothing is ever what it seems!
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  1. lancebaks427 says:

    O wa talented, girl yi, a ni o wa gifted!!!!

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