New series alert!

Having been a denizen of this our earth for many many years, I feel it is only fair to share with you some of the vast knowledge I have acquired by virtue of longevity. Before I go on, I hear you ask the question ‘Do you really speak like that in real life?’ and the brief, edited answer to that is ‘Yes I do’.

I have been burdened with a superfluity of words, a lot of which I know how to spell but can barely pronounce, and it behoves me to be bounteous with my vocabulary (lest my head explode with trying to hold it all in). Why use a few words when many will do?

So I have decided to write a series, the title of which will be ‘Joxy’s tips on…..’ The topics will be varied, some of which I have been mulling over for a while, whilst the others might be more spur of the moment. They will not appear in any particular order, and will not necessarily be sequential. I only hope you find it entertaining. This is life, as I see it.

Either way, your comments and feedback would be appreciated as always and I’ll be watching out for them on Twitter too @Justjoxy.

Thanks for stopping by :).

About Joxy

When I'm not cooking or thinking about cooking, then I'm writing, or thinking about writing. I love misdirection....nothing is ever what it seems!
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10 Responses to New series alert!

  1. Looking forward to the series *rubs hands together in glee* 😀

  2. Madame Sting says:

    Madam Ebo….see ur big big words. I no go school o, pls break it down for d masses. lol

  3. Lool I’m eagerly awaiting this new series. Perhaps, it would help re-kindle my love for Hon. Patrick Ohia..something something. Lord help us 😀

  4. Gillian King says:

    C’mon Girl!!! You got me all worked up, thinking this is the sequel to ‘Tips on how to run a BMC!’ So now I’ll have to wait!! But why are we waiting!!! I will definitely be stopping by for the next instalment!

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