CleverConnect with T-Mobile, except if you are in Africa!


I got an email the other day telling me about the all-singing, all-dancing app from T-Mobile that is supposed to help me ‘spend more time chatting, and less time worrying about the cost.’ People who know me well can attest to the fact that I love to talk, so this came as music to my ears or synesthesia to my eyes, as the case may be.

To be fair, this is app is still in the beta or trial phase, and in the spirit of full disclosure, I must say that my speed in signing up for said trial was in a large extent, due to the fact that it came with £5 free credit. It is available on Google Play for Android phones, and also in the Apple store (or whatever it is called), for iPhones.

So I signed up, and installed the app on my HTC Sensation. I love this phone to bits, but that is another post for another day. Now, unlike other polite apps, CleverConnect pushes its way to the front and demands to be seen. It promptly parked itself on my notifications bar, and on exploring the app further, I realised there was no way to exit it without uninstalling it altogether, and I was not about to do that, despite the fact that it drained the phone battery pretty quickly.

One of its biggest selling points for me was the fact that I could send an invite to a friend no matter where they were, and as long as we both had the app, we could both chat for free, as the call would be routed over the internet. With my unlimited data plan, visions of calling my friends in Nigeria once they got the app too engulfed me, and I started the process of sending invites. Except that the invites refused to go. I kept getting the message ‘we are facing some technical issues. Please ry again later’ (sic).

Eventually, I got tired of trying, and sent an email to their support team to ask why I could not send invites to Nigeria. This is the response I got.

Thank you for contacting Clever Connect Support.

As per your concern please know that you will not be able to send Invitation SMS to Nigeria as it is currently not included in our supported countries list. Also please find attached the supported countries list where you can send invitations.

I was quite upset when I saw this list of countries, not only because Nigeria was missing from it, but because in the whole African continent, they had only deemed it fit to include one country, South Africa. There is no mention of this list of supported countries on their website, which can be viewed here,

I realise I have to cut T-Mobile some slack because this app is still in the trial phase, but since it is possible to call Nigeria via this app using purchased (or in my case gifted) credit, how hard would it have been to make it possible for us testers to invite our people back in Nigeria or other African countries to download the app too?

Before I wote this post, I was fuming at the notion that once again, the African continent was being sidelined by a global multinational who did not see us as a customer base to be reckoned with, or who had chosen not to facilitate internet calling in a blatant ploy to make as much money as possible out of us, via the purchase of credit.

I have since calmed down having had the chance to read and reread the email again. Nigeria is not currently included in their supported countries list, which leaves the impression that it just might be, in the future.

Until then however, I’ll be sticking to Skype and WhatsApp. Two apps that do what they state on the tin……connect people, irrespective of what continent they are in. And that to me, is truly clever.

Thank you for stopping by :).

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When I'm not cooking or thinking about cooking, then I'm writing, or thinking about writing. I love misdirection....nothing is ever what it seems!
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6 Responses to CleverConnect with T-Mobile, except if you are in Africa!

  1. I haven’t heard of this app but with your endorsement of it, or lack thereof, I won’t be installing it anytime soon. I’m quite happy with the ones I have.

    • Joxy says:

      I don’t think it is worth installing for now to be honest. It is cheaper to call abroad using other means, and there is no point in having a battery draining app that has no obvious benefits.

  2. Ginger says:

    Just hearing about this TConnect from you. You get vex energy oo. BB, Whatsapp, skype never do you?? lol.

    • Joxy says:

      Hey Ginger, I don’t do BB. I think it was cutting edge technology when it was rolled out, unfortunately though in my opinion, they have failed to keep up with the times, and now run the risk of becoming obsolete. Whatsapp is cool, all they need do now is upgrade by adding voice functionality and wifi calling…and there’ll be no stopping them. Skype is okay. It does not set out to be anything more than it is, its flaws and limitations are apparent for all to see. It is what it is. Stick with me, I’ll keep you abreast of technological advancements, in as much as they apply to me :).

  3. I am very impressed with it. It offers free wifi to Mobile or landline calls in the UK. Skype does not offer this. This is very useful for those with a bad signal at home to make celluar calls. They can now make those calls with this app. If you tavel abroad then its free international calls to the UK as long as you are in a wifi zone when you make the call.

    • Joxy says:

      I agree with you that CleverConnect has its advantages, thank you for taking the time to point some of them out. My main gripe with the app is the fact that despite Africa being a continent with over 50 countries, only one of these countries, South Africa, is currently being supported for free wi-fi calling. A large proportion of T-Mobile’s customer base is made up of Africans, and I believe this should have been taken into account when this app was being developed. I also believe a link to the list of supported countries should be clearly visible on their website. Just my opinion.

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