Mental slavery?

Like I said earlier, didn’t want to blog till I finished the Hair today…..Gone tomorrow series, but again, life has intruded, hence this post. A big thank you to everyone who has come with me on that journey, it has taken longer than I planned or even envisaged, but your input has kept me going. I appreciate you all. Your comments, on here, via Facebook and in person have all been taken on board, I am honing my craft, you have helped me improve. Enough of the mushy stuff. Here goes.

I was minding my business on Wednesday afternoon when my friend J mentioned she could get me tickets to go see Asa that same evening. I totally love Asa, I think she is extremely talented and have always wanted to see her perform so I swung into action. A few frantic phone calls later (to get permission from T amongst other things), I was all set to go. We got there a bit late, so I missed the first part of her performance, but when she came back on stage, it was all good.

Asa strumming away

I watched her sing Bibanke, a dirge to lost love which is none the less enthralling for it, with rapt attention. She has great stage presence, and and carried the audience along with her effortlessly as we all chanted ‘fi mi sile’ on cue. It turned out that she was was one of the warm -up acts for the night’s headliner, one Seun Kuti.

I am not current with the unending stream of artistes that abound in Nigeria, maybe this is why I had never heard of him. His father Fela I knew, and his older brother Femi, I also know, neither of them personally, but I was aware of them. As for Seun Kuti, I found out on the night that he is Fela’s last son. I have no clue as to the veracity of that statement. A couple of dancing girls came on stage. The things they could do with their backsides defies description. I’ve put up a clip, please mute your volume as the audio quality sucks, and marvel with me at these backsides.

So Seun comes on stage eventually, and starts to play the saxophone. He’s got pipes, I’ll give him that. And then he starts this foul-mouthed diatribe at the concert hall’s security/management team because ‘they did not allow me to smoke weed backstage’. He goes on and on, expletives colouring his every other word. ‘I am performing sober’ he laments, as if that is some great tragedy. ‘They would have preferred for me to use cocaine, because it does not smell’ he grumbles. Newsflash Seun Kuti, no-one give a rat’s posterior what your drug of choice is, however you choose to addle your brain is entirely up to you, as long as you do not smoke it!. Smoking is not allowed in public venues in the United Kingdom, it is not about you, get with the programme!

Seun Kuti

So anyway, His Sulkiness decides to halt his monologue and start singing. he does this well, though I don’t know the song. He dances in a style reminiscent of his father, and the oscillating backsides female dancers go into overdrive. At the end of the song, Seun takes the time to inform us that he was contracted to sing from x to y time during which he was still backstage, so he is under no obligation to perform, but is only doing so because of us, ‘his fans’. By now, I am seriously over him, but as he starts to sing again, some people in the audience rise to their feet and start dancing.

And then he stops singing, and launches into an incoherent speech about colonial mentality, and how everybody ought to get to their feet and start dancing. ‘Stand up, stand up’ he urges, and so they do. The security/management team come on stage and say dancing is not allowed, and after a brief stand-off, Sir Sulky storms off stage. End of concert.

Maybe it is just me that doesn’t get it, but I think if he really cared about his fans as he claimed, he’d have carried on playing notwithstanding. I think he missed Bob Marley’s admonition to ’emancipate yourselves from mental slavery…’ If you have colonialism on your mind (so 1960’s) it will affect your ability to operate in the here and now. He whined so much about not being allowed to smoke weed, but seriously? It wasn’t a big deal. he could have gotten high in his car, and none would have been the wiser. From the way he behaved, he might as well have been stoned. And I mean that in both senses. Rant over.

Could not insert video. Sorry, I’m working on it.

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12 Responses to Mental slavery?

  1. nuttyjay says:

    Was he even aware of the colonial dayz? Femi…yes can have things to say about that. Not this small craze Seun

    He’s not a serious person. Just has some nice moves is all

  2. Deronk says:

    Well he is truly Fela’s last “known” son. Never heard any of his songs though so I don’t know much about him. However, I hear he really gets high. Did see a clip of the program and how it the issues went down and I quite agree with him. If his songs are mostly dance able songs and I paid to come see him perform, I sure won’t hear don’t dance o. Which I agree he was right about. It I believe was the organizers fault. If you invite a Femi or a Seun or a KSA, you can’t expect people not to dance. And not starting early, also is the organizers fault and I hope you guys ask for your money.

    I don’t agree with his tirade and the swearing, he was definitely already high so really you can’t expect him to reason and behave like a normal sober person would. Plus I do think he hasn’t grown, he thinks every white man is racist and he strongly believes it is his responsibility to carry on his father’s message on social justice. To him he isn’t wrong. He could have behaved better. I can’t imagine if it was Asa that happened to, she def would have handled it better. Then again, here was someone high on igbo…

    I don talk too much. Here is the link to the clip I saw online:

    • Joxy says:

      When Asa played earlier, practically everyone was on their feet dancing and having a nice time, without any interference whatsoever. The people who were dancing during Seun’s performance weren’t asked to stop. Seun stopped playing, and asked everyone to get up. before that he had ranted and raved, repeatedly referring to the management and security people as people who engaged in sexual relations with their mothers. That part wasn’t shown in the clip. He’d already been tempted not to perform at all from when he was backstage, he was coming on stage as a favour to his ‘fans’. his attitude was all wrong. The fact that he was verbally abusive towards the staff was enough reason in itself to halt the show. His behaviour was inexcusable, he incited the crowd deliberately. People had danced to Asa and Sunny Ade the previous night with no aggro whatsoever, I can only imagine what had transpired backstage between him and the management. He CHOSE to walk off stage..I wish they had uploaded everything, not just a selected clip…

      • Deronk says:

        Yeah, forgot to add that the clip was one-sided.

        Like I said earlier, he def is still a child (older but less mature), high on drugs and already has a bias towards Whites (generalizing and going on about if it was someone else that performed was all wrong). Not excusable but from a stoned man, not surprised. I guess asking him not to smoke igbo was the beginning of the wahala. Then again he has a manager who should have been better informed and advised him. What he can and is allowed to do at the Shrine, he can’t do even in some places in Lagos. And I still believe the organizers still share part of the blame. At the end of the day, am sure they would have to pay him his balance. They lose, his fans lose.

        I do wish he can stay off drugs sha.

        • Joxy says:

          Stay off drugs? I hope so too for his sake. I got complimentary tickets, hung out with my girlfriends, and all in all, had a good night out. My sympathies are with those who paid, I think Seun cheated them if it was him they came to see..

  3. Shame about Seun and his shenanigans but glad to hear you enjoyed seeing Asa and had a good time all told.

    Now, pray, can we find out what happens to Deidre and Deinde next? 😀

    • Joxy says:

      There’s no pleasing some people. Told them I didn’t want to blog till I finished the series, they said that’s an excuse, blog anyway. Now we do, they remind us they are waiting for the series. *sigh* 🙂

  4. Shame about Seun……sounds a bit like a spoilt baby
    What has ‘Colonial mentality’ got to do with dancing or not dancing?

    Oh well….Asa rocks!!!

  5. Tally says:

    Asa is good, I like her style, message and tone, not even going to say anything about Seun.
    Hair today…….gone tomorrow part 12 pleeeeeeaaaaassssseeeeee Joxy

  6. angelsbeauty says:

    lol lol lol… i think he is tryng to be like his father… truth is like he says.. no one cares.. if your music is good keep it at that and dont try to annoy all your fans.. sounds like an irrate.. at least you had fun. I would soooo love to see Asa perform… *keeping eyes peeled for concerts*

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