Hair today…..…gone tomorrow Part 2

Deidre sighed in satisfaction as she gazed at the hair that was draped across her bare midriff. It seemed to undulate with every breath she took, and she could picture her friends struggling to control their envy when she arrived at Tolani’s 30th birthday party looking like the diva she was born to be. The sight of the hair had literally taken her breath away, and she had been more than happy to reward Deinde just the way he enjoyed. The odd thing though was that he had seemed more preoccupied with his injured hand with every passing moment, and had decided to return home to his wife instead of staying over for the night as they had originally planned.

Deidre had booked an appointment at Ayo’s Hair Palace in Surulere, and had insisted that he be in attendance to install her precious wefts of hair in person. She knew the street value of her extensions exceeded N250k, and saw this as proof that Deinde was finally ready to leave his drab wife Shade, for her. The morning could not come soon enough for her, and she carefully put the hair away before falling asleep. A few hours later, she sat bolt upright in terror as she awoke from a troubling dream. She had found herself being chased by a bald headed woman who had kept shrieking at her in a language she did not understand. She had run till she was exhausted, but the woman behind her had not managed to catch her, the strange thing was that she had maintained the exact same distance from her at the end, as she had in the beginning. Deidre’s heart pounded in her chest like a caged bird, and she scrambled off her bed to look for the King James Bible she knew she had somewhere. She found it in the bag she had carried to church two months ago when her former room-mate had guilted her into attending service with her, and she thumbed through it feverishly till she found Psalm 23. She began to mutter the words aloud, but fell back asleep before she had reached the end.

Deinde staggered from his car and was knocking at his door almost before the car had come to a halt. A visibly shocked Shade opened the door, and he brushed past her to collapse into the sofa in the living room.

‘Welcome’ she said, ‘I thought you weren’t arriving till tomorrow morning? What happened? You don’t look very well. ‘And what have you done to your hand?

Deinde stared at his hand, it was now as swollen as if someone had stuck a pump into his wrist and inflated it. His fingers were now so engorged, they looked like sausages. ‘I had a little accident’ he muttered. Shade, a trained nurse by profession needed no bidding before bustling away to get the first aid kit. She unwrapped the bandage and they gasped in unison as they saw what lay beneath. There was an inflamed cut that seemed to have black specks of dirt in it. She reached for a cotton swab and some saline, and began dabbing at the cut gently in an attempt to clean it out. To her surprise, the specks did not come out, and when she peered closely at them, they appeared to be sprouting from the cut itself. ‘Deinde, you won’t believe this, but it looks like there’s hair growing in the wound’ she said. ‘This is very odd, how did this happen again?’ She leaned forward to peer at his hand again, and suddenly shivered as an ice-cold chill came over her. She got up and went to the mantelpiece where a bottle of olive oil had pride of place. ‘I’ll put a drop of this on before I put on a fresh dressing, but you really must see a doctor tomorrow morning as something is not quite right. I’ll also give you some Panadol for the pain’ she continued. She removed the lid, and hurried towards where Deinde sat in silence. He had not spoken another word since his first sentence and was staring at  his hand in fascinated horror. Just as Shade got to him, a loud clap of thunder rent the air, as the electricity went off, and they were plunged into darkness. Shade lost her footing in the dark and fell over a footstool, dropping the bottle in the process. The oil spilled into the thick thirsty carpet as thunder rumbled overhead again, and flashes of lightning lit up the dark skies outside.

To be continued…..

About Joxy

When I'm not cooking or thinking about cooking, then I'm writing, or thinking about writing. I love misdirection....nothing is ever what it seems!
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14 Responses to Hair today…..…gone tomorrow Part 2

  1. Deronk says:

    E wo o. Now am scared. Scary ish

  2. Ginger says:

    See horror movie. This Brazillian hair go put us for wahala oo.

  3. Gidannodza says:

    Yeeepa!!! I swear my heart is pounding as I type. Hmmmm….hmmmm, see trouble!

  4. Tee says:

    NOOOOO!!!! You cant stop here now! Yikes! I am so eager to know what happened!
    Please update soon. Please!!! Deinde don go wake sleeping tiger.

  5. Hmmm. I’ll be calling my hairdresser to change plans- there’s Remy synthetic right? Good job!

  6. Elizabeth says:

    I’m on the edge on my seat.

  7. Oh my my! Now I can’t get the picture of Deinde’s hand sprouting strands of hair out of my mind. I shouldn’t have read this at night.

    Hopefully my dreams will be devoid of bald-headed women running! 😦

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