Bleach down there?

I read an article today that has genuinely left me puzzled. To be more accurate, it was not an article per se, but the response to a woman who had written in for advice about dealing with body odour. This was published in the August 2011 edition of Genevieve, a popular Nigerian magazine.


In her response, the medical doctor recommends the use of a ‘mild’ solution of household bleach to rinse the underarms and pubic area two or three times a day after bathing!

I do not claim to have any medical training,most of the knowledge I have was gleaned from personal experience, novels, and the expert teams at the Seattle Grace and Holby City hospitals. Oh, and from watching ER(never did know what that hospital was called) too.

However, I do not think it is right to advise that household bleach be used in cleaning any part of the human body, whatever the reason.

But then again, I am not a doctor. What do I know?

Thanks for stopping by :).

p.s. Letters are still coming in from ‘Informed Viewer’…and I have no idea why my fonts are doing a Jackie Chan on me, but it’s late, and I still have to go eat some ice cream so please forgive me, this one time.


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15 Responses to Bleach down there?

  1. Madame Sting says:

    Maybe it’s a native doctor giving that advice because it’s certainly not a medical doctor.

    • Joxy says:

      I double-checked the string of letters after her name, and googled them for good measure. I will edit the post later with all her qualifications when I’ve got a bit more time. I wonder if she’d have given the same advice if she was talking to her sister or daughter. Mschew!

  2. Jaycee (E.A) says:

    Lol. Wow. How could a doctor suggest this? He he…

  3. Myne Whitman says:

    Bleach? There are other feminine hygiene products surely?

  4. 'Lara says:

    bleach ke, never heard of using it for body odour…who ever that advice was for need to contact his/her doctor before trying that oh.

  5. Vera Ezimora says:

    Bleach, ke?!?!?! That doesn’t sound safe or right. I don’t even like bleach touching my palms when I use it. Deliberately using it on other places is a no, no.

  6. Adiya says:

    BLEACH!!! Jesu!!! O_o

  7. Ginger says:

    I’ve heard of the efficacy of hydrogen peroxide, coincidentally it is a component of bleach too i think. Maybe in the Nigerian context the doc felt bleach maybe easier to access than H2O2 (you know how our pple like to improvise).

    It definitely doesnt make it right as commercial bleach has other components.. and worse a magazine like Genevieve publishing it.

    • Joxy says:

      Im my opinion, Genevieve publishing such dangerous misinformation borders on criminal negligence, but maybe that’s the suppressed lawyer in me talking..

  8. angelsbeauty says:

    lol @ experts from seattle grace hospital! Lol you are a joker! mehnnn household bleach!! if it was meant for down there it wont be called household bleach now would it! ala ko ba!

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