Skinny jeans and the seaside

HTC Hero Android 2

Image by louisvolant via Flickr

In the last ‘episode’, I promised you a post about ‘The Amazing Race’. This is not that post.

Egirl has to hand in her homework on Wednesday. Part of it requires her to ask her grandparents or parents what it was like going to the seaside when they were young, and how it has changed over the years. I seriously doubt that my parents went to the seaside in their youth. They were more occupied with things like getting an education, helping out their parents at home, on the farm, in their business, anywhere their help was required. I think they might have gone to the riverside though, to fetch water, or in my dad’s case, to catch fish. Seaside sha. I’m not sure about T, he might have gone to the seaside, he grew up here. Me, I grew up in Kaduna, and as far as I know, there ain’t any sea there. I’m guessing going to Bar Beach in Lagos on a couple of occasions whilst I was at Law School doesn’t count. I’m dreading her handing in something along the lines of ‘Neither my grandparents nor parents went to the seaside in their youth, and as  a result, they are unable to attest to any changes that might have occurred over the intervening years.’

I have one more day in which to figure something out.

I ordered some jeans from Dorothy Perkins the other day. Bootleg, three-quarter length, skinny, and super skinny, about five different pairs. I wore the skinny ones on Saturday. Though they were tight, I felt they were just right. That was until T had to help me take them off when we got home. I’m not in a hurry to try on the super skinny pair. I’m not worried that they won’t fit, or that they would constrict and or probably cut off my circulation, but I do have serious concerns about getting them off. Kind of reminds me of an ankara dress I had made for Ebaby in Lagos. It was a struggle getting the dress on her, but the tailor said it was the style of the dress, and that there was a knack to wearing it. It took three adults, including me and the tailor, to get the dress on her. And it was immediately apparent that there was no way that dress was coming off her of its own accord. So out came the tailor’s razor blade, and she carefully cut the dress off her. I couldn’t stop laughing. It was eventually altered, and fits like a dream now. Back to the jeans though, and I think they just might be going back, if vanity doesn’t win over common sense.

My phone is an HTC Hero. T-Mobile decided to name it the T-Mobile G2 Touch. A ridiculous name and I am having no part in it. My Hero is almost two years old. I am due an upgrade, but the thing is, I haven’t seen any phone I like enough so I am sticking with this one. It is an Android phone, and I really can’t see myself  ever using any other operating system in the future. When I got it, the system version was 1.5, and then it got updated to 2.1 or so, and then nada. HTC decided they had new phones to sell and they weren’t releasing any more system updates for the Hero. I’ve had a whole lot of time on my hands what with recuperating and all that, so I went trawling the internet so I could update my phone’s system myself. I installed the Cronos Ginger 2.2.3 which all the techy people on the forums were raving over, but I didn’t like it. So two days later, I uninstalled it and installed the WildHero Rom, so my phone is now rocking Android version 2.3.3. HTC, eat your heart out. I’m not a techy person at all, but if you have an Android phone with an outdated OS, it’s fairly straightforward to upgrade and I’d be happy to give you the links I used.

Snippets from my life, as I live it. Thanks for stopping by Smile.


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22 Responses to Skinny jeans and the seaside

  1. Vera Ezimora says:


    Who needs Android when there’s Blackberry?????????????????????? Tehehe.

    Per Egirl’s homework, walahi, these oyibo people will not kill somebody with the kind of assignments they give. But what about a well? A well should count as “seaside.” There’s a saying, “One man’s well is another man’s seaside.” Okay, there’s no saying like that. I totally made it up. But you can run with it.

    By the way, I thank you for your constructive criticism of The Seun Akinsanya Project. We had been having the debate of whether to change the name or not. Considering the blunder, you’d be wondering why there was even a debate. Well, the name is already registered in Maryland as a non profit org, school supplies already have the name and logo printed on them and ready to be shipped to Nigeria, and business cards have also been printed, website and e-mails have been created ……………. you get it sha.


    We’re working on it.

    • Joxy says:

      V, I’m totally ignoring your first two sentences. Well??? Lol. I see your quandary re name change. Maybe you should leave it be till supplies run out and then do a rebranding? As for the registration, can’t you add also known as ‘………………’ thus effecting the name change that way? I’m so glad you took the criticism in the spirit in which it was intended, Thank you too 🙂 Android rawks!

  2. I’m not sure I like this new look. It’s a bit hard on the eyes as the lines seem be piled on top of one another.

    As for the seaside homework, it might be worth looking at photos of beaches and seeing the changes over years.

    Skinny and super skinny jeans! Hmm! Let’s just say that the only time me and those will be seen together will be in this sentence! :o)

    • Joxy says:

      My dear, you have to be more specific o. I changed the theme before I realised you might have been referring to the font. So which is it? You only have to say the word….I looked at her homework again, I think my imagination supplied the second part about changes over the years…..I think I’ll get my dad to gist her about going to catch fish from the river. As for you in skinny jeans, why not? I can imagine the commotion those lovely curves of yours would cause 😀

      • I don’t know what that theme was called but I definitely prefer this one. It was the font but coupled with that theme, it just appeared a bit garish.

        Thanks for your take on me in skinny jeans. You are great for my morale 😮

  3. LOL @ seaside homework. This Oyinbo people sha.
    If I tell you the drama that we have had over different types of homework – you will pity me.
    To be honest, I have had to lie sometimes *I hear you gasp*

    …For example, my son was once asked to interview his parents and find out what extra-curricular activities they took part in when they were younger. Hummph

    ‘Extra’ and ‘Curricular’ were not words that went together in Naija……….LOL……..All we had were lesson, lessons and more lessons……….interspersed with chores
    So, we told him handball, art-and-crafts…and football. Wrong to lie, I know…but nobody died. LOL

    • Joxy says:

      N.I.L, I hear you my sister :). Meanwhile , I can’t believe I haven’t checked your blog in over a week. I wish WordPress had one of those update things so I can see when there are new posts on my blog roll. Hurrying over now to catch up 😀

      • LOL …..
        I see you came over
        Please give me more notice later so I can prepare efo and iyan for you…LOL
        Have a blessed week

        • Joxy says:

          Don’t joke o, I don’t play with food at all, and we are both in this obodo ‘London’, I just might show up for real! Great tips on relationships btw :).

  4. Jaycee (E.A) says:

    Lol @ how the tailor had to cut the dress off Ebaby.

    • Joxy says:

      You should have seen the way she fished out her blade in such a matter of fact way. It was truly a sight to behold. Way too funny 😀

  5. Madame Sting says:

    hemophilia with hemarthrosis?

    • Joxy says:

      Nooo. I don’t know what that is, but doesn’t sound nice, not that any illness is nice 🙂 Keep trying 🙂

  6. Madame Sting says:

    Hmm… can i have other clues?

  7. Madame Sting says:

    ok cool. I will check my email now.

  8. Joxy says:

    resulting in?

  9. Ginger says:

    Callme traditional but this font is esier on the eyes ya know :).

    Your skinny jeans story is funny. At least you have help to get them off. I have this lovely top that I can squeeze into but alas getting out of it needs two extra hands and I am not yet friendly enough with my housemates to go knocking on their door for help. sigh. On the other hand, my handiness with a blade (like your tailor) has gotten me out of zipper jams more than once.

    Seaside ni, seaside ko. Actually my village has a 2 streams so yeah my parents grew by the errr streamside lol. you could talk about fish depleting due to excess fishing and chemicals from detergents. well, thats for my stream. The crocs have become extinct cause they were hunted. and people are not allowed to wash and bathe there anymore.

    Happy I could contribute here. Count me outta series 🙂

  10. Joxy says:

    Hey Ginger!
    Which kind top be that one? Lol. Handiness with a blade? To be honest, I had forgotten all those moves until my recent trip home. The seaside homework, she ended up telling them about her grandfather’s experience of canoes etc. Thanks so much for commenting, I’ve enjoyed going through your archives 🙂 p.s this font thing self, I tire. I think I’ll go back to Lucida Handwriting. No one has complained about that. Yet. Sigh. 😀

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