Good John Lewis (& Meccano too!)

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I have ranted  about retailers in the past. Here and here to be exact. Today I remembered a quote from Julius Caesar. Something to the effect that the evil that men do lives after them, the good is oft interred with their bones….So I decided to  publicly give credit where due.

Growing up, my brothers played with Meccano. Me, I had dolls. I envied my brothers. Now that I have daughters, I decided to get them Meccano (they have dolls too.)

I shopped around, John Lewis had the best price, I ordered from them, and the set arrived. My girls and I huddled around the pieces and were about to start building, when I realised there was something odd. We had two sets of some particular bolts, and none of the other, so we could not build anything.

I called John Lewis the next day. The guy I spoke to said not to worry, a new set would be despatched to me in the next few days, and that I should send the one I had back through the post office. Ah, I said, I don’t do post offices, could I send it back through the delivery person when the new one came? No he said, I could keep it. I would get a new one sent out anyway. So I was happy.

I waited and waited, but the new one did not appear. A couple of weeks later, I called John Lewis again. They’d had a problem with stock levels, but they would send one out as soon as they got new ones in. So I waited, and it soon slipped my mind.

And then one Sunday, my mobile phone rang. It was someone from John Lewis, apologising profusely that it did not appear that they would be getting any more stock in, and that my card would be refunded in full. In addition, I was to be given compensation for the inconvenience caused. I was totally gobsmacked. I am no stranger to receiving compensation, I complain vociferously when there is a need to, but in this instance, the staff at John Lewis had been nothing but courteous and helpful throughout. Long story short, my card was credited with £50, the set had cost £15.

Now, there is exemplary customer service for you.

About nine months later, I saw the set sitting untouched at the top of the bookcase, and decided to do a search online to see if I could purchase the missing bolts. I came across Meccano’s website and filled out the online enquiry form explaining what I needed. A tyre had also gone missing from the set at this point, I explained that it had been supplied, but had gone walkies. I did not hear anything back from them, and again, I forgot about it. Until I got a reply from a Garry Ng two weeks ago, who said the parts had been posted to me and I would get them within 10 days.

The parts arrived on Saturday, along with the tyre, sent all the way from Hong Kong.

So thank you John Lewis, and thank you Meccano.

All that is left now is for T to retrieve the instruction manual from where it’s been ‘hidden’ and my girls and I are good to go.

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4 Responses to Good John Lewis (& Meccano too!)

  1. anoda phase says:

    oh waoh! I’m quick to recognise lousy customer service, having been on the receiving end of more than a few myself…so I’m really impressed by JL’s customer service…weldone to them, and to the guys @ Meccano too…I only wish other retailers would learn from them.

    • Joxy says:

      I’m with you on that. I guess other retailers get away with appalling behaviour because no-one complains? Oh well, long may John Lewis(& Meccano) thrive and prosper.

  2. This is why I miss living in a country where the system works. You wouldn’t even bother to complain if that happened here and even if you did the ‘customer service’ advisor will probably look at you blankly – you would have to go in store to complain and not over the phone. The store might even have a sign that reads “No Refunds”.
    Nice Read.
    Well done!

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