Friends like this

Constance and Fred were friends, and had been for as long as either of them could remember. In fact they were so close their spouses and families had become very close. You get the picture I’m sure. As fate would have it, they both left home and went abroad to study. Fred was able to take his family with him; Constance was on her own in the same town, so often went to lunch at Fred’s at weekends etc.

Now this isn’t going where you think, so rein in your imaginations now now. They happened to be pursuing their Masters’ degrees in the same area of study, but Constance had started some months earlier, so was ahead of Fred. They helped each other out whenever they could, in short, everything was hunky dory.

Constance was fortunate enough to secure a highly sought after position with a reputable firm in the Telecoms industry (which is what they were both studying towards), while Fred worked as a casual employee as a call handler for a local gas company. They often discussed their day to day tribulations at work with each other, which is what friends do.

Constance was doing quite well at work, and there was already talk of offering her a permanent contract on the completion of her studies, and she happily shared the news with Fred. Then came in a new manager who did not seem to ‘get’ Constance. He nit picked over everything she did, criticised her at every turn, and seemed to be out to undermine her at every turn.

So over lunch that Sunday at Fred’s, she poured her heart out to Fred and his wife, and they listened sympathetically. Fred told her she was worth a lot more than the way she was being treated, and that she should consider resigning and seeking alternative employment elsewhere. After all, she now had gained enough experience within the firm, and would be able to get a job with another firm easily. Constance thanked him for his advice, and said she would give it some consideration.

Come Wednesday at work, the new manager called her into his office. She went in with a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach, wondering what she was going to get told off for this time. She was surprised when he offered her a seat with a broad smile, and asked why she was thinking of leaving the firm. Shocked, she replied that she had no such intentions.

He then told her she was a highly valued member of staff, and that he had only been hard on her to get her to fully develop the potential he saw in her. He said the firm had been in the process of arranging a pay rise for her, and that he hoped his past behavior would not prevent her from committing to the firm long term.

He thanked her for all her hard work, and while she was still in a daze over the unexpected turn of events, and wondering how soon she could sneak away to call Fred and gist him, he handed her a print out, and told her to read it when she had a spare moment.

Later that day, she settled down to read the print out. It was a job application for her specific role. The applicant stated that he was prepared to work without pay for the first six months while he proved himself. He concluded by stating that he was aware that the current post holder was in the process of leaving the job, as she had secured a position with a rival firm. Mouth open in amazement, Constance skimmed through the rest of the application to see who had fabricated such lies.

The accompanying CV was that of her ‘best’ friend, Fred!

This world is deep, abi what do you think?

About Joxy

When I'm not cooking or thinking about cooking, then I'm writing, or thinking about writing. I love misdirection....nothing is ever what it seems!
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4 Responses to Friends like this

  1. Oh dear! Talk about stabbing a friend in the back! Like you say, that’s deep!

  2. Lola says:

    With friends like that who needs enemies? That is deeeep!

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