The day that was

I had a lovely day yesterday, it was all by God’s grace, and I am indeed thankful to Him.

Ebaby turned 1 last month, but I didn’t want the hassles of planning a party during term time, and then we went away to Wales to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary, which is why we had a party for her yesterday.

I say a party for her, but really it was for us her parents, a chance for us to catch up with old friends and have a relaxed day together, talking about everything and nothing. It was the first time we had ever hosted a barbecue, it won’t be the last. It wasn’t a typical first birthday party, i.e it wasn’t held in a hall, Ebaby wore the same outfit from start to finish, there was no entertainer…etc, but the celebrant neither knew nor cared about all that. She enjoyed herself (after all she was in my arms for 80% of the time!), and so did our guests. There were a few tears at the end, from a little guest who realised there weren’t any party packs being handed out, but hey, that’s the Joxy way.

I seriously don’t do hassles, and believe me party packs are wahala. It’s the most laid-back I’ve ever been before a party, we kept everything simple, and it paid off. My main focus was the food, and from what Thewordsmythe said, that turned out alright.  Tony appreciated the feijoada I made, he took some home for his Brazilian wife, that was high praise indeed considering the fact that I’d never seen or eaten it before I cooked it.

So what did I cook? I made oven baked jambalaya. One batch was slightly burnt, but the rest was tasty. For the barbecue, we had chicken wings, thighs and drumsticks, sweetcorn cobs, and plantain. I seasoned the wings with a recipe from AWT, it was a blend of szechaun peppercorns, orange zest, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, sesame oil, vegetable oil, scotch bonnet peppers, honey, black pepper and salt. The recipe was for 20 chicken wings but I used it for approximately 50. Maybe I was meant to soak the wings in the marinade? What I did was rub it into them, then leave them in roasting bags in the fridge overnight. For the thighs/drumsticks, I used a garlic and chilli sauce mixed with some jerk seasoning, and for the other batch I used a mixture and lemon and chilli seasoning and some yaji. That was my ‘cooking’. T and a couple of friends did the actual barbecuing.

My aburo, Kemi, she baked three cakes; sponge, chocolate chip, and chocolate. She made gizzdodo (gizzards with plantain), puff-puff, and designer stew (aya mase). She’s an amazing person, I’ll tell you more about her later. The puff-puff disappeared at an alarming rate, Egirl must have eaten about 5 in rapid succession before pausing for breath. The gizzdodo went down a treat too. I did not serve any of the stew to my guests. It was in a cooler in the kitchen, and I only gave take away packs to the few who discovered its existence. Yes, I confess, I wanted it all for myself. Sad, but true.

Elizabeth baked Ebaby’s cake. It had an indulgent chocolate ganache filling. There’s a picture of it on one of the links above, you’ll have to click them all if you want to see it.

My FTB (Friends that blog) were there, they got to meet each other, and hit it off quite nicely, that was good to see. Thewordsmythe in addition to being a writer, also runs a physical  play programme for children while Toks runs, where whimsical rooms are born. And just so those of you in the States don’t feel left out, she runs the as well.

It was good to see my friends, and to catch up with my very first god-daughter.  She moved  back to Nigeria three years ago and has grown into a pretty, poised 14 year old. Where have the years gone??

So there you have it. That was the day that was. Thanks for stopping by :).


About Joxy

When I'm not cooking or thinking about cooking, then I'm writing, or thinking about writing. I love misdirection....nothing is ever what it seems!
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6 Responses to The day that was

  1. Yes, we had a really lovely time and I’m still enjoying my doggy bag.

    Thanks for a lovely day out.

  2. Reading this was like re-living Saturday all over again. It was a smashing party and whoever invented party bags clearly never attended one of yours.
    As for the Aya Mase, if only I had left with 2 or 3 servings and not just one!!
    Thanks for the shoutout on PP!!

  3. Jaycee says:

    Lol @ you hiding the stew. Congratulations to Ebaby 🙂

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