Just wondering……….

where does it all go?

There are loads of illegal immigrants working  here in the UK. Some of them work in the black economy, i.e for cash in hand payments. Others though work in regular jobs, pay their National Insurance contributions, and their taxes. Out of necessity, some of these NI numbers are fake, but still deductions are made. The way I understand it, these deductions are meant to go towards pensions after retirement, but where does the money from the fake numbers go? Imagine this scenario. Mr Treasury gets X amount of money from NI deductions. He credits A, B and C because their numbers are genuine. He can’t credit D because that number doesn’t exist. So what does he do with the money? And yet they bleat on about the number of illegal immigrants without acknowledging their pecuniary and other  advantages.

Government officials from Nigeria come over here on holiday. They see the way the system works and enjoy the almost uninterrupted supply of utilities i.e water, electricity, gas etc, and then they go back home and devote their energy to plundering the already meagre government coffers, just for their personal aggrandisement. They drive their straight off the production line cars on the potholed roads, and do not see the irony or stupidity of their actions. How  do they sleep at night?

The average citizen deplores corruption, but only because he is not a direct beneficiary of its proceeds. He aspires to office not for the common good, but so that he too can share in the national cake. And the solitary voice that cries in the wilderness, for honesty and transparency of actions, is soon silenced. For good.  Justice is often at the prerogative of the highest bidder.

Contrary to commonly held perceptions, corruption is not the sole preserve of Nigerians. It is also endemic here in the UK. The recent exposure of the MPs shameful expenses scandal is a case in point. One of the differences in my opinion, is that over here, it is not as blatant as back home, it is subtle and understated, but make no mistake, it is here all the same. The other is, they have learned the art of being corrupt without unduly endangering the lives of the people they claim to represent. Maybe on some level they understand that ultimately they are responsible to a higher Power. That awareness however appears to be sorely lacking in my people, despite being a nation that prides itself on the proliferation of churches and mosques.

To quote Eldee, me I go yarn, me I go talk my mind. Just where I am at the moment.

About Joxy

When I'm not cooking or thinking about cooking, then I'm writing, or thinking about writing. I love misdirection....nothing is ever what it seems!
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3 Responses to Just wondering……….

  1. Dola says:

    Justjoxy, nice piece. Cld’nt agree more.

  2. lucidlilith says:

    Same here in the United States…with all the fake SSN that illegal immigrants use…and all they money they spend here without reaping any of the benefits, some morons are still worried that illegal immigrants are taking away all the jobs. Hmm. I wonder who will clean the toilets, wash the dishes, pick the oranges and grapes when they are all deported?

  3. justjoxy says:

    Dola, thanks ore.
    Lucidlilith, my sentiments exactly. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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