Oven baked jambalaya

It’s been a long day, but a very nice one. I’m sitting at my laptop here in front of the fire. I’m watching The Good Wife in between taking turns at Scrabble on Facebook. Ebaby is fast asleep, draped across my legs. My other two are fast asleep upstairs. I have a raging debate going on in my head. Do I get up, take Ebaby upstairs, and then come back downstairs and eat more cake?

I baked today. I baked a blueberry and sour cream cake. This cake is what I am debating over. It turned out very nice. I’m not sure that is grammatically correct, but what I mean is that it is yummy. It has lemony cheesecake style frosting over it, and I’m wondering if I should partner it with some chocolate ice cream so it won’t be lonely as it travels down my throat.

I also made jambalaya today. Etoddler turned three, and I fancied making something different. The cookbook I’d ordered hadn’t arrived, but I found this recipe online. I needed to use andouille sausages, but I couldn’t find any here, so I substituted it with chorizo instead. The recipe was for 16 people but I halved it, and added a bit more rice as I didn’t think the recipe had enough rice in it. As I said in my earlier post, I had never seen or eaten jambalaya before, so I didn’t know what its consistency was supposed to be. I made a Creole seasoning blend, but inadvertently left out the thyme. It still worked though. I used a few more garlic cloves than was called for, an extra chicken stock cube and some dried chilli powder (cayenne pepper doesn’t have the heat I’m accustomed to).  It was quite a hearty dish, also had ham, prawns and chunks of chicken in it.  I did the prep work last night, chopped and diced the various ingredients, then put them in the fridge ready for today. Long story short, it’s like a cross between paella and jollof rice, and it was very tasty. T and Egirl had second helpings. I also used the seasoning blend for chicken drumsticks then stuck them in the oven too. Went down a treat.

All in all, had a nice day. Toks stopped by with her delightful boys. Lovely company. Maybe I’ll start a recipe/food page on this blog. We’ll see. I started writing this just before midnight. It’s now a new day, and still the debate rages.

Thanks as always, for reading.

Update. It’s the morning after the night before. I was able to resist the cake. I had chocolate and strawberry ice cream instead. Just thought I’d share 🙂

About Joxy

When I'm not cooking or thinking about cooking, then I'm writing, or thinking about writing. I love misdirection....nothing is ever what it seems!
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2 Responses to Oven baked jambalaya

  1. And that Jambalaya was to die for! As for the cake, words, icing sugar and blueberries do not do the description any justice.
    I copied your every move and for the first time in my life followed a recipe to the T and hubby and kids are happier because of you- Thanks!!!

    • justjoxy says:

      Thanks dearie, you know you are very biased. Although I agree with you, I’m a great cook. I assume that’s what you were trying to say in your modest way. No? lol

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