Time flies

….when you’re having fun. Or when you’re just so busy doing things other than what you’d really rather be doing. Which is my roundabout way of explaining why I haven’t been here in a while.

I was going to tell you about the moin moin thief, I’d actually started writing it, but I’ll tell you about my day so far instead.

This morning, Ebaby woke up as I was tiptoeing about trying to get Egirl ready for school. She turned 8 months old today. Ebaby, not Egirl. Egirl’s 6, missing a front tooth. Never realised how big the tooth was till it came out and left a huge crater in its place. Got Egirl dressed, and headed downstairs to fix her breakfast. She can dress herself, but on a school morning, depending on how much time we’ve got, I’d rather do it myself. Saves me from getting stressed out at how long it’s taking her etc.

Ebaby is now on my back, only way to keep her happy, and quiet. Still creeping about, not yet ready for Etoddler to wake up and join the mix. Talking about Etoddler, she turns 3 on Saturday. Can I still call her Etoddler after that? We’ll see.

I make Egirl her toasted ham sandwiches, rinse her apple, fill her water bottle. I write in her contacts book to let her teacher know she has finished reading her book, then pack her bag. It’s quite light today, no ballet, no piano lessons.

She finishes eating, sips her lemonade squash gingerly, I guess it’s either too cold or not sweet enough. I tell her to leave it if she doesn’t want it, and she places her cup on the worktop with a sigh of relief. I help her to put her mac  and scarf on, she wears her hat, she is set to go.

I start washing the dishes in the sink, there’s a knock on the door, the childminder’s here to take her to school. As I open the door, I hear Etoddler stirring upstairs, and sure enough she comes hurtling down the stairs to give the childminder a hug before she leaves.

We go upstairs, Etoddler washes her hands, I brush her teeth, wipe her face, she wears a pair of socks and her dressing gown, and we head back downstairs. She is holding Ellie, one of her stuffed toys.

I return to the dishes, there’s a lot on my mind. I’ve been dreaming of cooking/eating gumbo for the past week. I’ve never cooked, seen or eaten gumbo before, but I fancy me some. I’m also dreaming about my new laptop. It’s not here yet, but will be soon. Hopefully. After observing me for a while,Etoddler pipes up that she wants to put Ellie on her back.   I get Ebaby’s muslin swaddling cloth, and use it to put Ellie the elephant on Etoddler’s back. She is a happy bunny. Etoddler, not Ellie.

I go back to the dishes, now Etoddler wants some toast, with peanut butter and pineapple jam. I give her a waffle instead, and tell her she’ll have toast once she eats that all up.

I finish washing up, make her toast, (I’m having a sesame seed bagel with the same filling as hers), and we head upstairs. Ebaby is fast asleep. I lay her down on the bed, and she starts to stir. I lie down beside her and start nursing her in the hope that she’ll go back to sleep, but just as she drifts off, Etoddler comes into the room. Noisily. Ebaby wakes up fully, I have to carry her.

Fast forward to now. The two little ones are fast asleep,  I have a few spare minutes before I have to do something else, so here I am.

I’ve decided to make jambalaya this weekend. Like gumbo, never seen, eaten or cooked before, but here goes. I’ve ordered Louisiana Kitchen by Paul Prudhomme from The Book Depository, here’s hoping it’s here by Friday.

Thanks for stopping by, this is my life, as I live it.

About Joxy

When I'm not cooking or thinking about cooking, then I'm writing, or thinking about writing. I love misdirection....nothing is ever what it seems!
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6 Responses to Time flies

  1. my dear, that’s motherhood for you. It’s not easy being a stay-at-home mom. I think the most difficult thing about it is the how mundane and routinous (if that’s a word) one’s days are. One day just rolls into the next with the same things done over and over again. Hang in there, you’re doing a good job. Give yourself a pat on the back even if nobody else will.

    • justjoxy says:

      You’ve got that right. It has its rewards though, children have a way of putting a smile on your face at the least expected times. I wouldn’t trade my time with them for anything, they grow up soooo fast. Thanks for the encouragement 🙂

  2. Myne Whitman says:

    You do make it seem easy. I have observed my sis in law first hand and I know tis far from easy at all. Well done and tell us how the jambalaya went.

    • justjoxy says:

      Myne, thanks a lot. I’m still waiting for my book o, either which way sha, that jambalaya has to happen. I’ll gist you.

  3. Nice reading! Did I mention that I don’t mind pepper in my JAmbalaya? I didn’t? Now you know!

  4. justjoxy says:

    Your wish is my command, about to start prepping now, cayenne pepper here we go!

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