Dear Tommy Hilfiger

You suck.

Before I go on, I must make it clear that I am not referring to Mr Hilfiger the person. This is directed solely at Tommy Hilfiger’s US website. From the first line, you might have inferred that I am not pleased with this website or its administrators. You are right. I am totally cheesed off, and I’ll tell you why.

I like shopping, especially if I can do it from the comfort of my own home. Once a year, when we can afford it, we leave these shores, cross the pond, and head to New Jersey. And I shop, till I’m almost dropping. Literally. This year, we couldn’t make it. Not because of Ebaby, her ticket would not have cost that much extra. But by the time we had decided we did want to go, it did not make any financial sense to pay what the airlines were asking for. So I decided I’ll shop at my erstwhile favourite store. Online.

You might wonder why I make purchases from a US website when I don’t live there. It’s because it works out a whole lot cheaper for me. I have friends/family in the States, they get the deliveries, and my goods end up here. Eventually.

Back to my letter.

I have been a customer of yours for many years. You name it, I’ve probably bought it. Jackets, jumpers, socks, bags, trousers, dressing gowns etc. Most times in store, otherwise, online.

Since I was not able to come to the States for Thanksgiving as I’d originally intended, I thought I’d shop online. So I headed over to your website, selected the Girly Mini Polo from the 2T-4T category and then tried to get one in size 3T. To my utter confusion, I was then confronted with a size drop down list as follows. 98,74,80,86,92. I thought to myself, no worries, I’ll just click on the size guide to see which of these sizes equates to 3T. Alas, the size guide is only for adult men and women. Undaunted, I emailed your customer services at for further information. The first email was sent on the 18th , the second on the 20th of November. To date, I  have not even gotten  an acknowledgement of my emails, talk less of a response.

I emailed on the 30th of November to see if someone there could help. No acknowledgement, no response. So they suck too.

I have no interest in rugby, or in polo. Their sizes however, are clear and unambiguous. So I took my custom over to RL. And shopped to my heart’s delight.

Right now Tommy, I couldn’t give 8E3ASMCUN2E3 about you.

Your loss.

Thoroughly dissatisfied,



About Joxy

When I'm not cooking or thinking about cooking, then I'm writing, or thinking about writing. I love misdirection....nothing is ever what it seems!
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12 Responses to Dear Tommy Hilfiger

  1. Rosie says:

    He he he he….why did you not have your relatives just send the email on your behalf or call their customer service line or tell you what the size conversion is?

    I send a bitchy letter to netflix too a few weeks ago for messing up my queue. Companies don’t know how to treat loyalty these days.

    • justjoxy says:

      Hey Rosie, thanks for stopping by. They don’t have a customer service line on their website, you can only contact them via email. My friend called on of their stores, they couldn’t help, and wouldn’t pass on the number for their head office. Go figure! Their loss, RL’s gain.

  2. Spesh says:

    Why am I not suprised???
    I have been second guessing TH since I got that e-mail about the boycott call by Oprah….

    • justjoxy says:

      Hi Spesh, thanks for reading. Much as it pains me to do so, I have to defend TH on that one. It’s an urban myth that has gone round for years, but he never made those statements, Oprah herself confirmed it on air. TH’s customer services still suck though.

  3. Chris says:


    We apologize for this issue you are experiencing on the website concerning the sizing. We would like to assist you in any way possible.

    We could not find any contact information for you and could not find your inquiry from the 30th. Can you send me your contact information directly and I will make certain you get clarification on the sizing.

    Thank you!


  4. Making It Right says:

    Their customer service number is 888.866.6948

    • justjoxy says:

      Hi Making It Right, I appreciate your providing this number. I have had a response (to my blog post) and will give an update in due course. Thanks for reading.

  5. mynewhitman says:

    Hi, I came over from Vera’s. Thanks for your comments on my book. I’ve been sucked in by your blog for almost an hour now. Your life as you write it is definitely catchy, LOL. Did you later eat the Yaji catfish? I didn’t even know there was rice powder or you could use it for Okele. Will check that out.

    Enjoy your weekend and I’ll be back to read more…

    • justjoxy says:

      Myne Whitman, how now? Thanks for stopping by, and for staying. The yaji catfish tasted very nice. T however, refused to eat it. Yes o, ground rice is a favoured staple in these parts, let me know what yoiu think if you do try it.
      It’ll be great to have you back, more incentive for me to keep blogging. Hope you have a good weekend too.

  6. So that’ s the way to go? Blog posts are more effective than emails. Out comes my list- and don’t bother stopping by at P&M for the next couple of weeks as I’ll be dealing with customer service…

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