Much ado about Jedward

My laptop has died. I was running behind on updating my blog in the first place, and then my laptop went and died on me. Technically, the laptop’s not mine, it’s T’s, but since we publicly agreed to share everything all those years ago, I can claim it as mine too. Anyways, it gave up the ghost on Tuesday and refused to power on despite all my entreaties. The guys from Hewlett-Packard are coming to take it away today. Hopefully, they’ll be able to restore it to its former glory. I am currently using a netbook. Again, it’s T’s. I don’t like netbooks, I find them too fiddly and too dinky. However, I don’t have much of a choice. I can either sit in bed with netbook on my lap, Ebaby lying next to me, and Etoddler toddling about in my warm room, or I can haul myself into the much colder study, Ebaby on my lap and pound away at my keyboard while trying to hold a very wriggly baby. I am a firm believer in ease and comfort, hence the fiddly, dinky Samsung netbook. I hope it stays alive, at least till I finish writing this.

Anyways, I digress. As usual.

We have this televised competition here where I live. It is called the X Factor. It is a singing contest, with contestants or acts who are mentored by any of four judges. One of the judges is called Simon Cowell. He came up with the format for the show. Whichever act wins gets a recording contract, in the meantime, they are all under a contractual obligation to the X-Factor till April next year, win or lose.

Every week, the great British public cast their votes for the act they like the most. The two acts with the fewest votes have to sing for their survival. The judges then vote for the act they want to save. In the event of their votes being tied, or ending up in ‘deadlock’ as they term it, the decision reverts back to the public, the act that received the fewest public votes then leaves the competition.

Following me so far?  The contestants this year have been a mixed bunch. Some can sing, but don’t have the likeability factor. Some can sing, and dance, and have the likeability factor.  Some can sing, can’t dance, and have the likeability factor. And there is this act called John and Edward. Or Jedward. They are 18-year-old twins. Their voices are decent enough, but they don’t got rhythm i.e they can’t dance. What they lack in rhythm though, they make up in sheer enthusiasm. They bound about on the stage with reckless abandon, their only concession to choreography being their matching outfits. It is quite a spectacle to see twins mirroring each other so well in everything, except when they attempt to dance.

They are the Sanjaya (American Idol) of X-Factor, the act that remains week after week, against all odds. They caused an uproar this week, because for the first time since the start of this competition, they ended up in the bottom two. Simon had the deciding vote, he cast it in their favour, and the decision as to whether or not they stayed was passed back to the public vote. They hadn’t received the fewest votes, and so were saved, at least for another week.

And then the uproar began. People the length and breadth of England expressed their outrage. They were mad at Simon. Because he had dared leave it to the voting public to decide who should stay and who should go. They railed at him for daring to use his vote to save the lads, after having denigrated, reviled, castigated and grudgingly praised them in turn over the past few weeks. ‘X Factor is a scam and a sham’ they cried. ‘Simon Cowell is an idiot’ others raged. They were angry that he had not taken the opportunity to vote off Jedward when he’d had the chance to, after he had spent so much time talking about why they did not belong in the competition. Some went as far as to say they were not going to watch the show anymore.

Me, I looked and I laughed. I believe strongly that a lot of the complaints were from people who had never cast a in favour of any of the acts in the first place, yet they had taken umbrage at the decision of the voting viewers. These people had also forgotten that Simon held all the cards regardless of whether or not one of his acts won the competition. He gets to sign the winning act to his record label, regardless of whether or not he was their mentor. He also gets to keep a proportion of the advertising revenue, as well as income generated from the phone votes. All in all, Mr. Cowell’s laughing all the way to the bank, regardless of all his detractors.

I have a favourite, his name is Olly Murs. I’ll cheer if he wins, but won’t shed a tear if he doesn’t. I don’t vote, so won’t be complaining about the results. I’ll also keep watching the X Factor. Thanks for stopping by.


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When I'm not cooking or thinking about cooking, then I'm writing, or thinking about writing. I love misdirection....nothing is ever what it seems!
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5 Responses to Much ado about Jedward

  1. Great post. Thanks for reminding me about Sanjaya- he just wouldn’t go away. At least he had lovely hair and was truly entertaining, if only to see his smile and his hair. Jedward on the other hand….

    I think the public were also mad at Simon because of the rumours circulating that he planned it all from the beginning as a publicity stunt- it’s working and you are right, he is laughing all the way to the bank. The good book says a good name is better than silver or gold, he needs to read and meditate on that!

  2. justjoxy says:

    Hey girl, thanks for reading :). I still don’t get it. So what if he planned it all? Did he rig the votes as well?

  3. It’s the deception that’s doing it.

    Being a reality show the public thought they were actually choosing the next pop star of the UK and who knows, maybe even the world. Perhaps there’s an undesirable element driving them to be able to say “My vote got him/her there” Maybe it’s even to show that they have some deep insight and can spot talent a mile off. Who knows if they are doing that to convince themselves that though they may not have the talent, they can recognise it? I REALLY DON’T KNOW WHY but for some reason, it is so important that they are prepared to hike up their phone bill by a minimum of one pound per week.

    So after all this it turns out that the votes were ignored and Simon had planned that votes or not, Jedward must win. The reality show isn’t so real after all and those who called in wasted their money and time.
    Plus of course it is no longer a singing competition if the best singer does not win. Actually it is a reverse singing competition, the worst singer(s) win..

  4. justjoxy says:

    My understanding ot it is that the public voted, Lucie had the least votes, she left the competition. Unless you have insider knowledge to the contrary? 🙂

  5. That’s true about Lucie, it’s the one I was referring to was the previous week. Can’t remember who was in it, I think Rachel. He had a chance to save the better singer and all of a sudden he couldn’t ditch the ones he had whined about the entire season. Anyway, I guess its old news now, who stayed on last night?

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