I’ve been craving peppersoup for a while. My friend had sent me some peppersoup spices from Nigeria, so I decided yesterday was the time to try them out. She hadn’t been able to get me the whole spices, so had sent me already blended ones, in powder form. I washed and salted my fish, blended my scotch bonnet pepper and onions, and then put it on to boil. I added a  Maggi crayfish stock cube, and a drop of vegetable oil, and waited for the raw heat of the chili to cook out. I eagerly undid the wrapped spice and emptied it into the boiling mixture, and was then quite puzzled as the smell of yaji wafted up to my nostrils. For those of you that don’t know, yaji is a distinct blend of spices used to season suya. Suya is grilled skewered meat. It is traditionally cooked by sticking the skewers round an open fire, and served with freshly sliced tomatoes and onions. It is seriously yummy.

Yaji and suya go along together like a hand in a glove. Yaji in peppersoup? That is another matter entirely. I asked T if he thought the boiling mixture smelt like peppersoup. ‘Definitely not’ was his response. My catfish went into the mix nevertheless until it was cooked. I was going to send my friend a text to ask if she was sure the spices were for peppersoup and not for suya, but I stopped mid-text as I realised it was about 11.30pm her time, and she would not have appreciated getting such a text so late at night.

I haven’t tasted it yet. I lifted the lid of the pot and gave a sniff this morning, but the jury is still out. I’ll try it later on today, once I’ve screwed up enough courage. And if it turns out not to taste the way it ought, I’ll fish out every piece of fish, and eat them. I don’t think it is fair that they suffer neglect due to an error that was not of their making.

I’ll let you know my findings. Thanks for stopping by to take a look at life – as I see it.


About Joxy

When I'm not cooking or thinking about cooking, then I'm writing, or thinking about writing. I love misdirection....nothing is ever what it seems!
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2 Responses to Peppersoup

  1. Looooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!! So how did it go?

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