Facebook v Twitter

I watched a video on Facebook yesterday, warning about the perils of ‘friending’ people indiscriminately without really knowing them, and also of posting too much personal information on one’s profile. I’m talking information like one’s phone number, home address, date of birth etc.

Everything that was said made perfect sense, even though it was ever so slightly let down by the banner that appeared at intervals saying ‘Add people you only know’ which I thought kind of defeated the whole purpose of the video since it was in fact warning viewers to only add people they knew, but I’m digressing here, and being pedantic to boot.

I can understand teenagers not having been aware of the risks of putting ‘too much information’ out there, but adults too? It’s not as bad when the information is restricted to a group of people who are actually your friends, and would have had this information already, but when the word friend is used to include people you don’t know, have never even seen, talk less of met, then it becomes a bit worrying. And yet grown ups who should know better were thanking the posters of these videos, as if they had  been unaware of how incongruous it was to allow strangers to  access all areas of their lives unreservedly.

I watched an episode of NCIS: Los Angeles recently, in which someone had reached a milestone in his life. Yes, he’d succeeded in adding his 1000th friend on Facebook! He was duly congratulated by the rest of his team, including his boss, the director, who was himself, friend number 500.

I found it curious that this video had started making the rounds just as I had decided to prune my friends list. Some people are on there because we went to secondary school together, and we used to be friends. Apart from this singular fact, we have nothing in common. We hadn’t kept in touch over the years, and now we are FB friends, we’ve probably only just said ‘Hi’, if that. So why are we friends?

I nurse this dream of returning home one day. By home, I mean Nigeria. So I added or accepted some of these friends because I thought it’d be useful to have contact with people back home. Only thing is, there is no contact, we don’t ‘talk’, not even here in cyber world. So what makes me think my being back home would make any difference? Methinks it’s definitely time to do some humane culling. A friend of mine announced via her status update that she intended to remove some friends, and caused quite an uproar. Me, I’ll just do it ala Nike, I wonder how long it’ll take some of them to notice, or indeed, if they ever will.

And on to Twitter. I haven’t started tweeting yet. I haven’t even been on the Twitter website yet. Truth be told, don’t know if I ever will. What would I post on there?

10.15 Ebaby smiled at me.

10.16 I smiled back at Ebaby.

10.17 Ebaby did a posset all over my shoulder and I wiped her mouth with her burp cloth.

And so on. Until the day I finally become a millionaire and tweet that I have just finished eating in such and such place.

15.15 Just had the most delicious caviar ever at Beluga’s. Leaving right now to go back home.

15.20 Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh! I’m being kidnapped as I tweet. Exact ransom amount to be tweeted once they let me know………….

Why on earth would I want to update the world at large about the minutiae of my day-to-day existence? By the minute?

In conclusion, I like Facebook. It serves my purposes for now. And it has a scrabulous Scrabble application. Thanks for reading about life – as I see it.


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When I'm not cooking or thinking about cooking, then I'm writing, or thinking about writing. I love misdirection....nothing is ever what it seems!
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2 Responses to Facebook v Twitter

  1. He-he! Agree completely. My problem is two-fold. First it’s the relatives. My brother and I are constantly asking each other who on earth is …? I don’t have the ‘We’re related App’. Don’t see the point as we should know we are relate right? Wrong. Now I grapple with thoughts on how to correctly phrase the question- Who are you?

    My other issue is with friends who I once upon a time had a fairly good relationship with. I add them as a friend and then send a hearty Howdy, lovely- to-connect message and it’s blank. Ocassionally I would send a follow up message and still nothing. About this time I want to ask why they accepted my friend request in the first place. Then again I know the answer- to end up with 1000 “friends” on Facebook

  2. justjoxy says:

    Hmmmm. 🙂

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