The world has gone pear-shaped. Or how else would you explain this?

A short while ago, two female law graduates went on holiday to Brazil. While they were there, they reported to the police that they had been robbed of their possessions. In the course of their investigation into the theft, the police found the ‘stolen’ items under the girls’ beds! They were promptly arrested, and charged with attempting to perpetuate insurance fraud, or something along those lines. The news hit the press, their British families flew out to Brazil claiming it had all been a misunderstanding.

These girls were not mentally impaired in any way, and if they were, this was not mentioned in their defence. Yet, according to their families, the whole matter had arisen from a misunderstanding. Two law graduates had between them,  misunderstood what items Pressure might or might not have been brought to bear upon the Brazilians, but the girls got off lightly with a sentence of community service. Despite this, they are now in the process of appealing, or indeed, have already done so. They would rather carry out the community service in Britain, rather than in Brazil, where the crime was committed.

Every crime has two parts to it, the thought or intent behind the criminal act, and the act itself. Why did the girls decide to commit this particular crime? Could it be because they knew people who had successfully carried out this scam in Brazil and had gotten away with it? Was it because they felt that as a developing nation, Brazil’s police force would be too inept to investigate the alleged robbery properly? Or was it because they knew that whatever they did, even if found out, their actions would be excused by others? These girls are recent law graduates, so is this a reflection on the falling education standards in Britain? Is there a way they avoided studying Criminal Law before they graduated?

I’m sure if they had been nationals of my country, they would have been hanged, drawn, and quartered. They would have been held up as poster girls for the state of my country’s morals. That topic though, is for another day.

I cast my mind back to another incident that happened a while back. This man had a shoe. His shoe was meant to be worn on his foot, as shoes are. There was a misunderstanding though. And the shoe found itself airborne like a projectile missile. Headed directly at the head of the leader of the free world. All because of a misunderstanding between the man, his shoe, his foot, and his hand.


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When I'm not cooking or thinking about cooking, then I'm writing, or thinking about writing. I love misdirection....nothing is ever what it seems!
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    You self see am? lol

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