I heard…………

……………..a curious thing the other day. At least I found it curious, I don’t know what you’d think.

There is a large organisation that is very successful. It has branches worldwide, and its founder can command audiences that run into tens of thousands, that being a very conservative estimate. He can’t oversee all the branches himself, so he has put people in place to do that for him. ‘What does this organisation do?’ I hear you ask. Well, motivational speaking. He teaches on how to fulfil your potential, by total submission to the Highest Power.

He lives what he preaches, and is very humble in spite of his international renown. He emphasizes the fact that it is not about him, but about He who sent him. And so he speaks as he is inspired, and in turn motivates and inspires others.

‘Does the same standard apply in the branches too?’ I hear you ask again.  And that brings me to my topic.

There is one of this organisation’s branches in London that is very successful. I haven’t been there, so I’m not speaking from personal experience. This is purely hearsay, second-hand. A member of this branch told a friend of mine who in turn told me.

I’ll digress a little here, simply because I can. I don’t often leave my house. I only do so when I absolutely have to, for nutritional, educational, spiritual or social reasons. I might have missed out other reasons, but I don’t think so. I see going out as a big deal. Accordingly, my expectations are high every time I step out of my house. If I am taking my daughter to school, I expect that she will be taught properly. In academics, sports, ballet, drama, music etc. It is this expectation that empowers me to open my door and make that trip. If I go to the supermarket, then my coriander and lemon hummus had better be in stock. Or else.

So if I decide to go to this branch of the successful organisational for some motivation and inspiration, I see no reason why my I should lower my expectations.  And when I do get there, I would expect to be inspired and motivated by a person I can see, up there at his/her lectern. I definitely would not expect to sit down for over an hour, watching a recording. It wouldn’t matter to me whether it was recorded the day before, or was recorded during the first (live} teaching session of the day. All that would register would be that my expectations have not been met in any way or form. If I had wanted to be motivated by an image on a television screen, I would have stayed in my house, and chosen Sky 594, or any of the other channels on my remote control. I definitely would not have headed halfway across town just to stare at a recording. That would have neither inspired nor motivated me.

The curious thing is that some people do this. Week after week. They turn up faithfully, give their donations (to further the work of the organisation), and in return, they get to stare at a screen.

I wonder if the founder of this organisation is aware of what happens in this branch. I wonder if this is the norm, and it happens in some other branches too. I wonder if my expectations are too high. Or if some people’s are too low. I wonder what is motivational or inspirational about staring at a screen in public as opposed to doing the same thing in the comfort of one’s own home.

Above all though, I wonder what any of this has to do with me.


About Joxy

When I'm not cooking or thinking about cooking, then I'm writing, or thinking about writing. I love misdirection....nothing is ever what it seems!
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4 Responses to I heard…………

  1. This is just so funny.

    I can take a stab in the dark and guess exactly which organisation this is but I won’t reveal it.

    It is possible that the expectations of the regulars are being met by watching a broadcast, perhaps the cinematic experience is more to their liking than yours.

    I would suggest you find another place where these (exceptionally high, I daresay) expectations may be met instead.

    Amusedly yours ;o)

  2. justjoxy says:

    Thanks for liking. No revelations please. As for me and my expectations, we know where to go 🙂

  3. n says:

    oh!!! That is our Father in Lord Pastor Mathew Ashimolowo Of KICC

    • Joxy says:

      Dear n,

      I am not sure in what context the above comment was made, but I can categorically say that in all the many years I have attended KICC, I have never had to watch a recorded sermon instead of a live preacher.

      With respect,


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